Is Gymming During Periods Essential Or Should It Be Avoided?

Is Gymming During Periods Essential Or Should It Be Avoided?

Girls still feel hesitant to talk about their periods and their problems. They avoid going gymming because of the thought that it might be dangerous for them, but there is no scientific reason behind skipping gym during periods. You may have a question in your mind-

Is it good to do exercise during periods?

Exercise during periods is not harmful, rather it is beneficial for overall health. Engaging in exercise during periods can provide several benefits such as reducing menstrual cramps, improving mood, boosting energy levels, and alleviating bloating. Exercise can also help regulate hormones and improve overall menstrual health.

But you should do it with care and precautions. It is important to listen to your body and choose low-impact activities such as yoga, swimming, or walking if you experience discomfort or pain during menstruation.

What are those things to avoid and to do? We are going to break all pre-notions about gymming during the period and answer your confusion and break myths.

Myth and it’s reality

Now let’s have a quick reality check of some of the myths about periods and gymming-

Don’t do squats it will cause heavy bleeding

A big no! Squats will not affect your bleeding. In week 2 when estrogen levels surge it is advised to warm up your body by doing squats and lunges.

Heavy exercise cause bloating

Bloating is a natural phenomenon during periods, you need to be concerned only if this continues for a long time. Regular exercise helps to reduce bloating.

High intensity training increase menstrual pain

No, in fact while doing exercise pain relieving hormones are released giving relief to your pain. 
But you should know what your body needs. 

Here are some most asked questions about periods and gymming-

Is walking good or bad during periods?

Walking is one of the best ways to reduce menstrual pain. It keeps your body moving and makes you feel fresh

Can I reduce my belly fat during periods?

Well there is no scientific research proving it,  but yet there are some key factors in reducing belly fat during periods. Exercise well and reduce your dependency on salt intake. 

Can exercise cause periods twice a month?

Exercising too much may cause problems in your menstrual cycle. Start slowly and go steadily. If you feel anything is wrong with the menstrual cycle you should consult your doctor.

Precautions which one should take while in periods

There are some activities that you should avoid during periods. This doesn’t indicate to stop gymming but just a minor change in your daily routine. 

Avoid exercise for a long period

Exercising is as important as having a good diet but you need not do it for a prolonged period. Do as much as your body allows.

Do not have heavy exercise

Try to avoid heavy training and exercise. Just do lighter and moderate exercise. Do not over-exert pressure on your body.

Be gentle to yourself

Listen to what your body demands. If your body needs rest then you can simply do walking or some lighter set of exercises so that your body can have rest. Even though you can try nitro series performance whey, it has less calorie protein.

Do not do any inverted pose

If you do yoga before gymming to warm up you are certainly advised to avoid doing any inverted yoga pose for it.

Avoid heavy weight training

Heavy weight training should be avoided during periods. You can always consult your doctor while performing such training if necessary. To manage nutrient level in your body you can try multi women which helps you to get different required nutrients.

Take rest if you feel nausea and fatigue

If you are feeling nausea and fatigue, stop whatever you are doing just take a rest. This is most important because you need to listen to your body and you need not be harsh during this time.

Add vitamin C effervescent in your diet to keep your body more immune and strong.

Let’s Discover! Which Exercise Is Best During Periods?

Here are the list of exercise that you can try during periods:

  • Light Cardio
  • Aerobic exercise
  • Stretching Exercise
  • Dance

Do light cardio

Light cardio exercise is best during the menstrual cycle, it keeps your body engaged and even helps you to feel energetic. Just avoid doing it for a longer time. Do it, enjoy it, and most importantly be cautious. 

Try aerobic exercise

Try less-intensity aerobic exercise to keep active and fit. But do not exhaust your strength. Just be normal.

Incorporate stretching

Stretching helps in reducing menstrual pain. But do not try extensive stretching start with basics and go till your body allows.


Dance, dance, and dance. Ye ladies even if you are not going to the gym you can dance. One of the best exercises is dancing. Enjoy it!

Eat healthily

Eat healthily! Half of your period problem is because you eat unhealthily. Try adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet. Add foods that help you to gain more iron and make up for your lost blood. You can add multi women in your diet to make it more healthy and get complete nutrition.

Do not stress yourself

Do not stress yourself about the cramps or staining. Everything done in a right way is beneficial for you. 

Be confident

Be confident! Enjoy your periods, enjoy the gym, and enjoy keeping your health at center. Do not let down your shoes, it is the myths you need to let down for sure. There is nothing you can’t do in periods. It’s just about you and your body. We set the boundaries for our bodies. 

Benefits of exercise during the period

The very first thing to keep in mind is that this period is normal; there is no excuse to avoid the gym. There are so many benefits of gymming during exercise. Tie your shoes, get your fat burn out and just do whatever you want to do. 

Feel more strength

Many studies have been done on the menstrual cycle and its phases, according to one of those studies the first day of your period gains you more strength and energy. So why are you even thinking of skipping the gym? Go and burn fat! 

Mood changer

Mood swing is very prominent in periods but to sit and keep that mood going on will only make you feel more lethargic and lazy. The best way to lighten your mood is to indulge yourself in some sort of activity. 

Help to reduce menstrual pain

Regular exercise helps to reduce painful menstrual pain. If you are not at all able to do a proper gym routine, you can even try light exercises but do not skip a day. 

Reduces stress level

Chill ladies! Make people astonished by your grace and do not take the stress. Exercise helps you to reduce stress and tension.

How to motivate yourself even if your body is not willing?

Do you know about endorphins? This is a pain-relieving chemical released from our brain. Exercises help in releasing endorphins. If you are having the worst pain, think of it, get up and do it. Because once you start exercising you will feel much better. Exercise also improves blood flow, makes you feel energetic, and eventually helps in reducing pain. Isn’t it sufficient? Yes, it is. 

Why even think of skipping the gym? Until your body needs rest, you should not give up. Be more concentrated on the fact that exercise will give you numerous benefits.

Bottom Line

Gymming is an essential part and period is a natural part of every woman’s life. Then why avoid one while having one? Just be normal, enjoy, have chocolates, and go to the gym. Destroy every myth, search for it, know about it, and do what you are required to do. We, Scitron offer you the best quality protein  and other supplements in various tastes and other specifications helping you to your gym. 

To every girl and lady, it is you, the strongest and magnificent creation of God, who has the power to give birth. Make your periods comfortable and less painful by doing light exercises and keep yourself energetic and active. Make yourself confident and happy and give yourself the best of treatment in periods.