Scitron: India’s 1st Sports & Bodybuilding Nutrition Supplement Brand

Are you a fitness enthusiast or aiming to have a better body? The sports nutritional supplements industry in India can offer you several options which can aim at different sets of results based on your body goals. Scitron, the best supplement brand in India however, believes in offering the best quality nutritional supplements and the best bodybuilding supplements in India which are made with a lot of research and development and are backed with scientifically proven technologies. Our online supplement store is built for an ease of selection of the right supplements for your goals and helps several buyers from across the country to achieve better, everyday!

The sports nutrition supplements we make are at par with any International supplement brand and would help you with your desired results if consumed under advised conditions.

Is Scitron An Indian Brand?

Scitron is an Indian supplement brand with all the manufacturing and blending of raw ingredients happening at a manufacturing facility in India. We do source our raw materials from various sources across the globe however, we try to sell the majority of our products in India and all of our products are only manufactured in India.

While we do manufacture the Best Whey Protein for Weight Loss which are often used in the Indian homemade protein shake for weight loss as well, our vitamins and other nutritional supplements are most loved by the Indian fitness community and are consumed in good numbers as well. So yes, Scitron is the best protein brand in India and we are marching to be the best supplement brand in India as well.

What Are The Products We Offer?

Our products are largely made for the result oriented consumption that you may seek for. The categories we offer comprises of trusted quality nutritional supplements such as whey proteins, BCAA, mass gainers, triple strength fish oil, vitamins, single ingredient compounds such as arginine, carnitine, CLA which help in weight management and also the men and women health products at super affordable prices.

Protein Powders

Nutrition supplements form a core ingredient for the active lifestyle of many individuals. In the Indian protein powders category, the whey proteins that we make are not only a great source of healthy nutrition needs but are also focused towards providing you with the best results and making you achieve your goal. 

One of our most recently launched product categories from Scitron, the best supplement brand in India, is the Nitro Series which has products specifically designed for the bodybuilder community. Packed with the right amount of protein, BCAA, EAA and even Arginine or Carnitine in some of these products, they are available in delicious flavours such as milk chocolate, chocolate fudge brownie, rich chocolate, double rich chocolate and chocolate fantasy and is loved by fitness enthusiasts across the country.

Indian supplements brand, Scitron’s principal raw ingredient for any of our Whey Protein products is sourced from Glanbia Nutritionals, USA. Glanbia Performance Nutrition has been a consistent and important supplier of the key ingredient which enables a better product for us. Our counterparts at Glanbia are extremely cautious about the quality of the product they deliver and this enables us to ensure an amazing range of products.

Our Plant based protein is also much loved among the vegan protein consumers. If your diet plan doesn’t allow you to consume whey protein, you can always switch to our 100% Organic Pea Protein which is unflavoured and available in jars of 900G. These have 35g of protein in each serving and are added with 4.7g BCAA as well. The product is made of organic pea protein isolate and has a rich and natural taste of pea.

Vitamins and Supplements

While Indian protein powder and Protein products become one of the most loved and fast selling segments for us at Scitron and are largely loved by our bodybuilders across India, the vitamins and supplements category has seen a positive growth, especially during the lockdown period when people started realising the need for immunity boosting and better health.

Our product range is loved by Indian nutritional supplement consumers and can be fit for various uses such as healthy hair, weight management, men & women health, vitamin needs, etc. and the fish oil products such as Omega 3 Fish Oil and Triple Strength Omega3 Fish Oil are great for bone health and immunity.


The best protein brand in India, Sciton’s mass gainers and mega mass gainers are available in various flavours – including some amazing fruit flavours which are one of a kind in the country. For your gaining needs and bulking up, our mass gainers are the best fit and are loved by Indian fitness enthusiasts. The gainers are curated with the right ingredients and are proven for the results they provide.

Pre Workout

Before you start preparing for your workout, a pre workout supplement boosts your capacity and ensures you are able to get the right kind of results. Packed with Beta Alanine, Arginine, Citrulline Malate and L-Arginine, the combination of these ingredients gives an effective pump to any consumer. 

Our Volcano pre workout supplements come in Cranberry and Green Apple flavours and apart from that we also have unflavoured versions of Citrulline Malate, Beta Alanine and L-Arginine for serious bodybuilders and their fitness goals.

Workout essentials

BCAA forms a very important part of any bodybuilders regimen and our fruit flavoured BCAA are loved by a lot of tasteful consumers. Consuming unflavoured products for a long time might not be welcomed by a lot of fitness enthusiasts so adding these flavours to the products give them a product which is result oriented as well as imparts the right amount of nutrients to any consumer.

We also have Glutamine Powder and Creatine Monohydrate which might be the choice of many bodybuilders however, our Advanced BCAA comes in amazing flavours such as Cola, Mango, Orange and Watermelon which is also available as a variety pack.


Scitron being the best supplement brand in India, we have created a range of smart looking and functional accessories to suit the needs of any bodybuilder. Starting from water jugs to gym bags or a variety of shakers bottles, our concentration on creating a range of accessories have added a lot of convenience and value to our regular customers.

Many of these accessories are sold on our website and sometimes, also given away through contests and giveaways, however, the accompaniments are loved regularly by our customers.

Is Scitron a good brand?

Here’s what makes Scitron not just a good brand but one of the best supplement brands in India, along with being India’s finest sports nutrition supplement brand for bodybuilders and consumers

  • Finest quality raw material sourced from best manufacturers Globally
  • Highly scientific and technology based formulas
  • Standardised manufacturing process under controlled environment
  • Products made for the bodybuilders & fitness enthusiasts
  • Flavours that we curate are tasty and deliver the best texture
  • Result oriented approach 
  • Our formulations are trusted by International bodybuilders
  • Extremely affordable pricing 
  • Eurofins certified products

So if you are looking for an extremely affordable best protein brand in India, you are at the right place! Scitron offers you the best quality products which are curated for bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts and you must try our best selling products.