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Mass Gainers help bodybuilders to gain muscle mass. Scitron mass gainers provide a great blend of fats, carbs, & protein. Bulk up in the right way with the help of following mass gainers from Scitron -

Nito Series HYPER MASS GAINER has a 1:6 ratio of protein and carbs. It delivers 377 calories and 3g Creatine Monohydrate for the best results. Recover your body after a tough workout or exercise session with this mass gainer.

MEGA MASS GAINER has 3g Creatine in each serving. Every scoop has a 1:5 protein to carbs ratio and gives 22.5g of protein and 112.5g of Carbs in each serving.

SUPREME MASS GAINER by Scitron has a 3:10 ratio of protein to carbs. It offers 60g of protein and 200g of carbs in 8 scoops.

We know your requirements and that is why Scitron is India’s best supplements brand. Shop #1 best Mass gainers from Scitron and bulk up to reach your ideal body.