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If you are a fitness enthusiast, a gym goer, an athlete or a general health freak, you may find yourself getting discouraged because of your lean body. But not anymore! With Scitron mass gainers, packing muscles and gaining mass the right way is not a difficult goal. 

Let’s give you some information about the mass gainer proteins. 

Currently you are on the page where you are seeing the Best Mass Gainer in India. So read this info and then scroll back up to choose one that fits you the best.

What are Mass Gainer Supplements?

Mass gainer protein is essentially a dietary supplement that helps people gain muscle mass. This loading of pounds into the body is done extremely carefully and strategically to avoid the body accumulating fat instead of mass.

They are high in protein, low in fat, and moderate in carbs. They help with muscular growth because they are high in protein. A serving of mass gainer protein normally has 400–1000 calories depending on the brand.

Who should consume Mass Gainer Protein?

Protein supplements called Mass Gainer Protein Powder should be used by anyone who has trouble building a muscular frame. It can also be beneficial for those who are extremely lean and lanky and want to achieve their fitness goals. Most significantly, mass gainer protein is helpful to Ectomorphs (People with long and lean bodies. They have a delicate frame and fast metabolism) and Mesomorphs (People with well defined muscles and are naturally athletic. They can be either lean or muscular).

What are the benefits of Mass Gainer Protein?

The benefits of a mass gainer are numerous. Let’s see some of them - 

There are lots of carbohydrates in Mass Gainer.

Your body begins to break down the carbohydrates after a strenuous workout and uses them as its primary energy source. Now is the time to increase your daily carbohydrate intake. The majority of mass gainer supplements are rich in carbohydrates, which give the body the energy it needs.

A lot of fibre is present in mass gainer powders.

Another essential component your body needs to grow muscle is fibre. The fibre aids in digestion and helps the body get rid of harmful waste. As a result, the body is better able to absorb the nutrients from the food you usually eat. There is frequently a lot of fibre in mass gainers.

Mass Gainer Proteins are an excellent source of good fat.

Mass gainer powders frequently contain a lot of dietary fat. When striving to gain muscle mass, dietary fats are the healthy fats that prevent weight gain. Incorporate as many unsaturated fats and as little saturated fat as you can into your muscle-building supplement.

The use of Mass Gainer helps muscles grow and recover. 

You need to combine consistent exercise with a good muscle-building and recuperation programme if you want to have a great body. A mass gainer supplement frequently includes minerals that support the development and repair of muscles.

The necessary number of calories are provided by Mass Gainer.

There are some among us who struggle to gain weight. Your body won't put on weight no matter how many calories you consume. If you're a hard gainer who wants to bulk up with muscle, a mass gainer protein might simply become your perfect partner. The body will receive the essential number of calories from these supplements. In a single shake, an excellent muscle gainer supplement typically contains 1200 calories per serving.

Essential vitamins and minerals can be found in mass gainers.

A number of important vitamins and minerals are present in the bulk of mass gainer protein. These are a handful of the key food categories that maintain your body strong and healthy.

What are the different types of Mass Gainer?

Scitron offers a variety of mass gainers. 

Supreme Mass Gainer - Scitron’s Supreme Mass Gainer Provides you with 20g of protein, 67g of carbs, 2g of fat, and 366g of energy per 100g. It has an effective blend of whey protein that helps you pack on your desired muscles. It contains added creatine, which is famous for its quality of increasing muscle mass. Apart from these things, the heavenly taste of chocolate which comes from the best raw material providers make it even more desirable. 

Mega Mass Gainer - Scitron’s Mega Mass Gainer is a scientifically engineered blend of the right amounts of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates, which helps you gain muscles effectively. 1 scoop of this mass gainer provides you with 3g of creatine, 22.5g of protein, and 112.5g of carbs. It clearly has a 1:5 ratio of protein to carb ratio, along with 20 added minerals and vitamins. This makes Scitron’s mega mass gainer, the best mass gainer in India.

Hyper Mass Gainer - Scitron’s Hyper Mass Gainer from the Nitro Series is another mass gainer which is super beneficial if you are looking for post-workout recovery and want other benefits for the body. The hyper mass gainer provides you with 3g of creatine monohydrate, 377 calories. With 14g of protein, 78g of carbs which accounts to a 1:6 ratio of protein to carbs, this mass gainer is the perfect blend you need. 

How to consume Scitron Mass Gainers?

Scitron mass gainers can be consumed either by mixing in water or milk, according to your preference and taste. Containing only genuine and high-quality ingredients, Scitron Mass Gainers are very easily soluble in both the liquids, making a homogenous mixture. 

What is the difference between a Mass Gainer and Weight Gainer?

Yes, the two are different things and are used for different purposes and needs. 

A mass gainer is a dietary supplement that aids in gaining body mass. In order to prevent the body from developing fat instead of mass, this loading of pounds into the body is done extremely carefully and strategically.

They have little fat, moderate amounts of carbohydrates, and a lot of protein. Because they are high in protein, they aid in muscle growth. Depending on the brand, a serving of mass gainer protein typically contains 400–1000 kcal.

Anyone who struggles to develop a muscular body should use mass gainer protein powders. It can also be helpful for those who are really thin and slender and desire to reach their fitness objectives. Most significantly, mass gainer protein is helpful to  Ectomorphs (People with long and lean bodies. They have a delicate frame and fast metabolism) and Mesomorphs (People with well defined muscles and are naturally athletic. They can be either lean or muscular).


A weight gainer is a supplement that basically helps a person gain weight. They are packed with carbs which help in gaining weight and fat. Weight gainers are composed of simple carbs, moderate fats and little to no protein along with some minerals and vitamins. One serving of weight gainers provides around 650 -1000 kcal, subject to variation according to the brand.

Since the main purpose of weight gainers, as their name suggests, is to make a person gain weight, they are highly useful for people with Ectomorphic body types. During the bulk gaining phase of ectomorphs, weight gainers come in handy. People whose metabolism rate is high, and are unable to gain weight, despite a healthy and nutritious diet, can also have weight gainers. 





Gain weight

Gain muscle


Hard gainers/ ectomorphs

Body builders/ ectomorphs and mesomorphs


Increasing weight and fat

Increasing muscle


Little to nil









650-1000 kcal

400-1000 kcal

How to Choose the Best Mass Gainer?

Choosing the Best Mass Gainer in India may feel like a difficult task but if you know the right parameters, it will seem easy.

Just ask these questions while you are selecting the Best Mass Gainer Supplement for yourself and if you get all the appropriate answers for all the questions, then that mass gainer is the perfect for you.

Question 1 - Are the ingredients of the mass gainer genuine?

Question 2 - Does the mass gainer have an appropriate ratio of protein to carbs?

Question 3 - Does the mass gainer contain any certification of authenticity from a renowned lab?

Question 4 - Does the mass gainer contain any sweeteners?

Question 5 - Is the mass gainer recommended by fitness experts?

Question 6 - Does the mass gainer contain any unnecessary ingredients?

Best Mass Gainers from Scitron

The best mass gainers from Scitron are - Mega Mass Gainer, and Hyper Mass Gainer

The specifications of both the bestsellers are - 

Nutritional Information

Mega Mass Gainer

(per 100g) 

Hyper Mass Gainer

(per 100g)



377 Kcal











4.5 stars

5 stars

Let’s look at a few FAQs

1. Is Mass Gainer Good for Beginners?

Mass gainer is fit to be used by both beginners as well as professionals. Just make sure that you consume it strictly according to the instructions given on the pack and pair it up with exercise.

2. Which is the best Mass gainer?

Scitron offers the best mass gainer supplements. The best mass gainer in India are Scitron’s  Mega Mass Gainer, and Hyper Mass Gainer.

3. Dose Mass Gainer Make us Fat?

Scitron mass gainers are made with scientifically engineered formulas which do not make you fat but help you pack on muscles instead. The protein to carbs content is appropriate in all of Scitron’s mass gainers. The fat content range from 0.5g to 1g per 100g serving.