Plant-Based Protein Powder recipes

Plant-Based Protein Powder Recipes

For all the vegan people who can only consume plant-based protein powder, here is some good news for you: you can incorporate your plant-based protein powder into various recipes too, just like how other people include other protein powders. In this blog we are going to tell you how you can make your favourite dishes with the best plant-based protein powder from Scitron.

Let’s get started.

#1 - PIZZA

The first dish had to be pizza. Why? Come on, we know you love it too.

But how to incorporate the goodness of plant-based protein powder into it?

While you knead the dough for your pizza, add a generous scoop of plant-based protein powder. This dough that you have prepared will be protein rich. Once the dough is ready, you have to prepare the pizza as you normally do. Top the base with your favourite toppings, add vegan cheese, and put it in the oven till all of the cheese melts, the dough is cooked, and you get the perfect smell of a cooked pizza.

That was so simple, right?

Let’s move on to our next recipe.


Falafel is one of the most popular dishes for vegans and vegetarians. How to make it more healthy? Of course, by adding plant-based protein powder to it. But how? Lets see-

Mix your overnight soaked chickpeas with coriander, garlic, onion, olive oil, lemon juice, salt, and baking powder in the blender. To this mixture, add wheat flour little by little, and a big scoop of plant-based protein powder. When these two ingredients are also mixed, your dough should be a little firm. Now make small balls of this dough and fry or bake them.

Your plant-based protein powder falafel is ready!


Kheer and chocolate are two things that are everybody’s favourite, but what if you get to enjoy both together?

Make your vegan kheel like you normally do with vegan milk (according to your choice), basmati rice, and sweetener (according to your choice). Now add a scoop of Scitron mocha flavoured plant-based protein powder. Mix the ingredients well, and serve it either hot or chilled with dry fruit toppings.

This kheer can give tough competition to the normal dry fruit kheer that you have been eating for so many years.


Mango barfi reminds us of the festive season. But let’s make it vegan and also healthier with plant-based protein powder.

Dry roast oat flour and coconut flour and then add, after a little roasting, add to this mixture cashews, mango puree, sweetener (according to your choice), and a pinch of salt. Mix the entire thing well. Once the mixture starts coming together, add a scoop of Scitron’s peach mango flavoured plant-based protein powder. Mix the entire thing again. Now transfer this mixture onto a tray and spread it evenly. Cut square shaped barfis but only take them out after you chill them well and the mixture holds the shape of the barfi. Top each barfi with your favourite dry fruits and serve.

This healthy barfi will be your favourite munching thing all day, and guess what, you won’t feel guilty afterwards.


Just add vegan milk (according to your choice), a scoop of mocha flavoured Scitron plant-based protein powder, and sweetener (according to your choice) to a mixer and mix them all together. Add ice-cream or fresh fruit on top, and you are ready with your vegan chocolate shake.

And the taste of it will make you a fan of this beverage.

These recipes can be easily made with the best protein powder in India, offered by Scitron.

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