A Healthier Alternative For Chocolate

A Healthier Alternative For Chocolate

Chocolate cravings are for real. The smooth texture, the heavenly taste, and the satisfaction after the first bite, are just unbeatable. But hold on! Chocolate is actually really very unhealthy.

Do you know?
Around 1 ounce or approximately 28g of chocolate, either sweet or bitter, is capable of serving you -
216 calories
13.6g fat
24.7g carbohydrates
20g sugar
and just 1.8g of protein

The figures don't look very good, right?

So what should one do? Do we completely stop eating our favourite thing in the world? Is there absolutely no solution or replacement for chocolate?

The good news is - there is! There surely is a healthy replacement for chocolate and that is Scitron's advance whey protein powder in milk chocolate flavour.

What can be better than consuming chocolate with the added goodness of authentic protein powder? The perfect combo of health+taste is served by Scitron.

Let us also tell you the nutritional content of Scitron's advance whey protein powder in milk chocolate flavour.
Every scoop, i.e, 35g of Scitron's advance whey protein powder provides you with -
216 calories
2.1g fat
2.8g carbohydrates
0g sugar
and 25.5g protein
Along with this, it also provides you with 20 vitamins and minerals that are needed by your body including vitamins like folic acid and biotin, and minerals like potassium, magnesium, zinc, and iodine.

See the difference? That is why we are recommending this awesome replacement for your regular chocolate.

Advance whey protein from Scitron will deliver a high amount of protein per serving. This will take care of your nutritional requirement for any kind of workout or exercise session. It is also going to help you absorb all the peptides fast.
You will see visible differences in strength, muscles, and body mass after consuming this product.

Don't compromise on health because of momentary taste, and if you want to take both health and taste together, then choose Scitron. Check out our website  to know more about us and the products that we offer.

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Healthy and tasty products are waiting for you, be wise and grab the deal.