Calisthenic Workout Plan For Beginners : The Complete Guide To Follow

Calisthenic Workout Plan For Beginners : The Complete Guide To Follow

Callisthenics exercise is an amazing set of strength exercises that have been in practice since centuries. In the last blog we told you the basics of Callisthenics. So you now know what Callisthenics is all about and its benefits, and the basic exercises that are appropriate for beginners.

In this blog we are telling you the complete Calisthenic workout plan for beginners. So read till the end and keep taking notes.

Letā€™s start!

Callisthenics For BeginnersĀ 

The basic Callisthenics exercises are as follows -

  1. Push-up
  2. Sit-up
  3. Crunch
  4. Burpee
  5. Lunge
  6. Squat
  7. Calf raise
  8. Superman
  9. Plank
  10. Dip
  11. Hanging knee raise
  12. Mountain climber
  13. Jumping jack
  14. Pull-up
  15. Leg raise
  16. Side plank
  17. Inverted row
  18. High knee
  19. Butt kick
  20. Wall sit

Callisthenics Workout PlanĀ 

Creating a callisthenics routine is a very interesting and fun activity. This routine pushes you closer to being ripped.

The different Ways of Callisthenic Workouts that help you get rippedĀ 

There are basically two types of Callisthenics workouts that are employed.

  1. Perform callisthenics in a circuit fashion.

    You can burn twice as many calories doing callisthenic workouts of this type as you can doing cardio exercises.

  1. Muscle hypertrophy or growth Callisthenics exercise.

    With core training, put an emphasis on complementing exercises like pushups and pullups, squats and sprints. Full-body exercises are incredibly efficient at burning calories, increasing endurance, and providing significant anaerobic benefits, but if building muscle is your top priority, pay more attention to it than to your cardiovascular system.

Calisthenic Training PrinciplesĀ 

Here is everything you need to know about making your very own bodyweight-training routine:

The muscles endure microscopic ripping with each high-tension, heavy-resistance exercise, which they eventually heal to become bigger and stronger.
The thing with callisthenic workouts is that ultimately the body gets strong enough where performing 12, 15, and 20 repetitions is not exhausting. You'll need to increase the resistance (above your body weight) or make the activity more difficult to continue developing strength and growth.
Fortunately, as long as the intensity and resistance rise, muscle fibres and cells don't distinguish between a barbell, a dumbbell, or their own weight.

We can confidently assume, then, that callisthenics also follows the hypertrophic principles:

  • 3ā€“6 sets for each exercise
  • 60-second breaks between sets with 6-12 repetitions per set
  • 80% to 60% intensity (moderate-intensity)
  • 12ā€“28 sets per muscle group per week

It has also been found that -

The progressive push-up training can be just as effective for building upper-body strength and mass as traditional bench training.

Volume vs. OverloadĀ 

Bodyweight training is the best way to get ripped, but volume and overload are also important.
Your volume will suffer if you spike the resistance too high. On the other hand, if you train at a volume that is too high, you won't be creating the stress and intensity necessary to promote effective hypertrophy.
The ideal approach to become ripped with callisthenics is a mixed routine somewhere in the centre, whether that's combining high-volume and progressive training into a single exercise or splitting it up into weekly workouts.
Supersets, varied training, and variable rep ranges have all been shown to help people break through training plateaus. Playing around with volume and overload are therefore no-brainers if you want to avoid the plateau altogether.

What about your protein?Ā 

We hope this blog was helpful in planning your callisthenics workout plan. But with any kind of exercise, there needs to be proper intake of protein to build muscles and repair them after every tough workout.
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