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As people are becoming more conscious of their diets and their exercise regimes, proteins have been in demand a lot. The demand for protein powders have risen drastically and so have the brands that manufacture them. Since there are so many brands that offer protein powder and claim to be the best these days, a newbie in the fitness line gets confused as to which brand to trust and why. Well, we are here to help you out and will provide you definite answers.

Protein powder is a proper nutritional supplement and an essential micronutrient that is consumed world wide as it helps build muscles, repair tissues and make enzymes and hormones. Protein powder is also used to lose weight and tone muscles. If the right protein is not consumed then all of these functions would not be fulfilled and you would not reach your ideal body. That is why it is important to consume #asliprotein. Scitron is a brand that has started this hashtag. The brand was established in 2018 and is the amalgamation of Science, Technology and Nutrition. The Scitron team encompasses experts that have been in the sports nutrition industry for over 20 years. They source their raw materials from Glanbia Nutritionals which is the leading supplier of nutritional raw materials. You can read more about Scitron from their website.

Scitron claims its protein to be the #asliprotein. Let us tell you why you should opt for Scitron protein powders 

The Ingredients 

The ingredients of anything and their quality plays a vital role in deciding whether the thing is worth consuming or not. As mentioned above, Sciton sources its raw materials from the leading supplier of nutritional raw material - Glanbia Nutritionals. Glanbia describe themselves as “a science-led, quality-obsessed and down-to-earth provider of innovative nutritional solutions to many of the world’s greatest brands.” The raw materials that are used in the best brands globally are also used in Scitron protein powders. Therefore, this describes the quality of Scitron protein powders.

The Source of the Protein

The best type of protein is whey-protein isolate. It is typically less expensive and is a complete protein as it is easily absorbed. Scitron has a wide range of whey protein powders. By comparison, casein-based powder is digested more slowly, making it slightly less effective for muscle synthesis. Check out Scitron for Casein based protein. And collagen protein? Well, not a lot of respectable studies prove its effectiveness. Most Scitron Proteins are Whey proteins which is the best protein to be consumed by anybody to get the body of their dreams.

The BCAA Ratio

BCAA stands for branched-chain amino acids which are three protein building blocks essential for maintenance and growth. Most labels list BCAAs as a ratio of leucine, isoleucine, and valine. Look for two parts leucine to one part isoleucine to one part valine which is the ideal for muscle building, fat loss, and fatigue. Scitron whey proteins are loaded with naturally occurring 6.4g BCAA and 13.4g EAA in each serving. The nutritional value and the ingredients are very clearly written on the back side of each protein powder pack.

The Carbs

A protein powder that has up to 3 percent of your daily value of carbs per serving is an ideal one. Carbs increase insulin which promotes amino-acid absorption and stimulating muscle growth. Scitron whey proteins contain 22g of carbohydrates per 100g servings. This amount is ideal to be consumed by your body.

Say NO to Sugar

Companies often use artificial sugars or natural zero-calorie ones like stevia in order to keep calories and carbs low. Studies on animals state that artificial sweeteners may harm beneficial gut bacteria. While stevia doesn’t seem to cause problems, it tastes weird, so it’s often mixed with xylitol and sorbitol, sugar alcohols that may cause gas and bloating. Therefore it is recommended to go unsweetened. Proteins from scitron do not contain any kind of artificial sweetening. You get 100% natural things without any kind of adulteration.

Skip Probiotics 

 Probiotics are healthy bacteria that may be good for you, but the amount and type of probiotics needed to provide beneficial outcomes depends on the person and their current gut microbiota. It is better to talk to your dietitian for probiotic foods or a supplement rather than taking it in your protein powder. Scitron contains no such kind of probiotics in any of its products.

The Bottom Line

Choose a protein powder that is ideally unsweetened with as few ingredients as possible. Protein should be the first listed ingredient and the protein powder should not contain any kind of artificial sweeteners. Scitron checks all the above boxes and is therefore the #asliprotein.

Check out to know more about the brand and choose from a wide range of products that we have. You can even choose supplements based on your preferences and goals.

Scitron offers different kinds of proteins that are aimed for different purposes.

They are 

Whey - This protein is popular among athletes. It is a complete protein, that is, it contains all of the amino acids that the human body requires from food. Human body absorbs whey protein quickly and easily.

● Casein - This type of protein is rich in glutamine, which is an amino acid that may speed up muscle recovery after exercise. The body digests this protein comparatively slowly.

Pea - Many plant-based protein powders contain pea protein, which is a high-quality alternative to soy- and dairy-based proteins.