4 Reasons why you should include Nutritional Supplements in your Diet

4 Reasons why you should include Nutritional Supplements in your Diet

A healthy lifestyle is everybody’s dream and though we try to consume nutrition-rich food, our body lacks some of the major nutrients like iron, zinc, protein etc.
Nutritional supplements bridge that gap. Especially during this pandemic time, having a stronger immune system should be our priority to keep ourselves safe. However, our regular diet is unable to provide us with the required amount of nutrients. These 4 powerful reasons show that you need to take dietary supplements, no matter how healthy your lifestyle may be.

1.Nutrient absorption declines with age:

As you age, the malabsorption process slows down. The body’s capacity to break down nutrients and absorb them declines. That’s when your body needs supplements. Important supplements like iron become essential as you age as blood volume declines with age. Iron is a crucial component of haemoglobin, that carries oxygen from your lungs to the entire body through blood. Vitamin c helps in iron absorption. You can improve your nutrient intake with Scitron’s powerful vitamin c pills.

2.Muscle growth and repair:

Protein forms the structural basis of cells. It performs various functions, the primary being that builds and repairs cells. Muscle cells get damaged after movement and exercising so it’s crucial to provide adequate nutrients for their maintenance and growth. Protein powders in different variants are a great way to do the same, they also come in various compositions and flavours so as to suit your needs.
Then there is fish oil that helps wonderfully with muscle repair and improves joint health. Our Omega 3 fish oil & Triple strength tablets are a great source of the same that also help with reducing the risk of heart diseases.

3.Strengthens immune system:

A strong immune system is essential to fight infection and disease-causing germs. Zinc is very important for your immune system and it also helps in wound healing. Strengthen your body’s natural defence system with our Beyond C tablets. 

4.Filling that nutritional gap:

Though vegetarian diets are healthy, it is difficult or even impossible to obtain all the nutrients in adequate amounts from plant foods. Therefore, it is important to be aware of and supplement your diet. Scitron has numerous vitamins and supplements options that are effective in providing that boost of nutrients in your body. 

Supplementation helps to meet the higher nutritional needs that your body requires for effective performance and a stronger immune system. It is wholesome to include supplements in your diet for adequate nourishment.