What goes inside each jar of Nitro Series Protein by Scitron?

What goes inside each jar of Nitro Series Protein by Scitron?

You must have come across our most recently launched range of products – Nitro Series – which has the most amazing Super Whey as well – a Pure Isolate Protein product – one of the finest in sports nutrition supplements category on the planet.

When we started with the brand Scitron, one of the key goals was to provide a set of nutritional supplements which are backed with science and technology and are proven to provide the best result oriented performance for Indian bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts. The Indian supplement space has been striving to grow their knowledge base and efficacy and many Indian protein powder companies have been trying to gain business by stripping down the prices of products. We at Scitron focus on bringing the finest ingredients from the Globe and blending them to provide products which are comparable to International Standards and can beat any competitor worldwide. Our Nitro Series is one such range which you would totally love consuming. So let’s check out how this is such an important step for us!

1. The Source of Ingredients:

Glanbia Nutritionals, USA has been the source of our primary ingredient for almost all the products we make. Our partnership with Glanbia has been strong and persistent and their support has helped us make some of the finest nutritional products you would get anywhere in the country.
The authenticity and quality of each of our raw material is tested and carefully selected to make a product which is chosen by bodybuilders and fitness trainers across the globe.

2. The Choice of Flavours:

When we started making protein powders, we decided that they should be tasty! After all, who doesn’t like to consume a product which is great for their body as well as their taste. Our flavours range from Chocolate Fantasy to Milk Chocolate and Chocolate Fudge Brownie or Rich Chocolate and is loved by desi bodybuilders to the core. The movement of these flavours have been tremendous and we have received an amazing response from all the top nutrition supplement stores in India as well as thousands of fitness professionals across the country.

3. Result oriented approach:

Our research and development is backed with a lot of data, science and analytics and whenever we bring a new series of products, we have a large part of our funds allocated towards market study to understand the demand as well as the targets needed for our Indian bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts. The Nitro Series Whey Protein is exactly this! Packed with the finest ingredients such as Raw Protein, BCAA, EAA, Creatine Monohydrate, L-Carnitine or even Green Coffee extracts in some, each of the product solves a different purpose and has been trusted by all the leading sports nutrition trainers and even all the online supplement stores.

4. Made for Indian Bodybuilders:

When we design our products, we always take care of the target market and understand what is needed for their bodies. While we are strong advocators of inclusion of Nutrition Supplements in your diet, we very well understand that Indian bodies have their style of consumption and all of our concentration is towards building the best supplement products for the Indian consumers. So whether you are using a Pre Workout formula (check out our Volcano Pre workout products), or a Mass Gainer, our products are carefully curated for the Indian men and women.

So yes, it’s time for you to check out our amazing collection of Nitro Series and see if any of your goals can be met with our scientifically proven product range. Don’t forget to give us a review once you place your order of any of our products!