‘If you ignore your health, you are the least-wisest man in the entire world!’

The Power of Protein

Our forefathers, and their forefathers, used to work in the fields, in the mines, as  blacksmiths, etc. Whatever their jobs must have been, they all underwent the physical  exertion which is required for keeping one’s body in the right shape. Moreover, they had  very limited options to fill their stomachs but they were fortunately very organic and  healthy too.  

The situation now is completely different though. People don’t have to use their body  strength rigorously as there are machines to do that now. Therefore, staying fit is not  natural anymore, and to keep oneself fit people have to make it a point to include  exercising in their daily routine. To top it, adulterated food and luscious advertising  campaigns which lure children and adults alike to consume unhealthy food don’t help  either.  

Including proteins in one’s meals amongst other things is easier than one could  imagine. Some foods which contain protein and could be included in the daily routine  are almonds, oats, chicken breast, cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, broccoli, etc. These  options though, may or may not provide the optimum amount of protein required and  this is where whey comes into the limelight.  

One can easily count whey as a miracle as it contains calcium, thiamin, vitamin B12,  vitamin B5, magnesium, potassium, riboflavin, phosphorus, selenium plus loads of other  nutrients which are very essential for the body. Whey protein powder is highly  recommended to be included in people’s daily meals because it gives all the  above-mentioned nutrients in a refined form which gets absorbed by the body much  faster and adequately.  


It is quite simple to use it in your everyday meals. Here are some of the methods which  can be incorporated. There are numerous other ways to include whey here are a few  quick and easy ones:  
  • The most convenient and easy method is to just add a portion of it in a glass of  milk  

1. Protein coffee: 

What better than getting to have coffee with the goodness of whey in it! Just mix  hot water with Scitron’s vanilla whey protein powder and whisk it till it becomes  creamy. Then, simply add it to your brewed coffee.  

2. High-protein Hummus:  

Hummus is preferred by many as a dip as chickpeas are already a healthy food  item and a good source of protein. Adding one spoon of our wide range of  flavoured whey powder to every portion of chickpeas can turn the dip into a  healthy yet delicious variant! The protein from chickpeas combined with our  protein powder makes it supremely healthy.  

3. Protein Pancake:  

This is easier than you could imagine. Just take 2 bananas, 2 eggs, 3 scoops of  flavoured whey protein powder, and one teaspoon of cinnamon and blend it in a  blender until smooth. Spray some olive oil on a pan which is on low flame and  smear 1/4 cup of your batter. Flip the pancake over when it starts to bubble and  repeat. And your Healthy, tasty pancakes are ready!  

It doesn’t end here! There are numerous other ways to include whey protein in your diet  and in your day to day recipes. The ones mentioned above are surely some simpler  ways, to begin with.