Whey Protein


The world probably is in the midst of the most challenging times since humans began to exist. Hopefully, the most difficult time has passed and it doesn’t get worse. And thankfully, the entire world is in it together and therefore, the people understand each other and are fighting it together. 

COVID-19 has claimed more than five hundred thousand lives and continues to claim more & more every day. Experts say that this disease can affect more than 75% of the entire world’s population and even more so in developing countries with a humungous population like India. This means that more than one person from each family could get affected by it! 

In such a scenario, the best way to stand strong is to build one’s immunity which can kill the effect of the virus. The basic building blocks of the cells in our body are amino acids that power our immune system as well. This is where proteins come into play and have a vital role. Proteins contain these amino acids which make them so important for one’s dietary supplements and they also have a host of other benefits along with this. Proteins are found in many food items but very rarely do they fulfill the requirements which the body demands.

 Protein powders on the other hand are a concentrated source of protein. They usually contain around 65-70% protein in a serving which is a very propitious number. If one talks about whey protein, the number gets even higher up to 75%-80%. Whey protein boosts glutathione in some tissues which in turn dictates the immune function. 

Including proteins in one’s diet routine through our PROTEIN POWDERS is pretty simple as well as something to look forward to as they come in a wide variety based on the need of the recipient. We also offer delicious flavours in each variant to aid your palate. 

Some of our healthy as well as savory powders which can be included in one’s diet routine are: 

  • Essential whey protein which is available in many flavours like chocolate, mango, etc 
  • Advanced BCAA (Branch chain amino acids) which is available in multiple flavours as well like cola, orange burst, etc

Simply adding one serving in a glass of milk, or water, and having it daily does the job!

 If not for COVID-19, proteins have proven themselves to work as appetite suppressants which help tremendously in weight loss. Keeping oneself in shape is a glaring statement of one’s ability to fight diseases.  In a nutshell, this is the time when people need to adapt to newer and at the same time, more effective methods of immunity building and protein intake acts as a leader in this.