Do Protein Shakes Help In Weight Loss?

Protein shakes may be your regular drink if you belong to the fitness industry in any way. But have you ever thought about whether protein shakes can even help you in losing weight? In this blog we are spilling the beans on whether protein shakes help in weight loss or not. Read the blog till the end to find out. 

Let's start with the question you want answer to, 

Do Protein Shakes Help In Weight loss?

The answer to this question is a big YES. Protein shakes for weight loss are consumed all around the world by people who know the right way to consume it to get the weight loss benefits. Also, the kind of protein shake you consume also makes the world of a difference if you are aiming for weight loss. 

How Does Protein Shakes Help In Weight Loss?

Protein shakes for weight loss work in three ways: 

1. Weight loss protein shakes keep you fuller for longer

It is known by everybody that protein keeps you satiated for a longer period of time, more than carbohydrates or fats. When it keeps you fuller for longer, you don’t snack throughout the day, which prevents you from intaking unnecessary calories.

2. Weight loss protein shakes build lean muscle

When paired with resistance training, protein shakes for weight loss helps in building muscles, which burn more calories than fat.

3. Weight loss protein shakes increase metabolism

Your body requires more calories to digest a gram of protein rather than a gram of carbs or fat. While this increase may seem minimal, it may help with weight loss if you follow a lower-calorie diet. 

Now that you know that protein shakes for weight loss is a real thing and it actually happens, let us tell you how you can get the benefits of protein shakes for weight loss the right way. 

The Protein Type Matters!

Protein comes in a lot of varieties, like soy, rice, pea, hemp, whey, casein etc. choosing the right protein to make the protein shake is the first important step. 

Whey protein tops the charts when it comes to the best protein because it contains the highest amounts of protein. 

The second step is deciding whether you will ame the protein from scratch or are you going to use a premix. It is advised to take a protein from the scratch with fresh ingredients (like fruits). This way you can also customise the protein shake according to your requirement, taste, and liking. 

The third step to ensure that the protein shake you consumed shows effect, you need to pair it up with exercise. Physical activity is required to cut that fat. 

Making the best protein 

Recipes do teach you the right way to do a particular thing and that's why we are going to give a fool-proof recipe that you are surely going to enjoy because of its incredible taste, and that your body will enjoy because it will cut the unnecessary fat. 

Let’s get started - 

Ingredients - 

All you need are a few ingredients like - 

  1. 1 scoop of Scitron Ripped Whey Protein 
  2. 1 banana - frozen
  3. A pinch of tsp cinnamon
  4. ½ cup greek yoghurt
  5. 1 cup milk or alternatively water (according to your preference)
  6. Ice cubes or crushed ice (as required)

Method - 

  1. Place one frozen banana into a blender with a pinch of cinnamon.
  2. Then add ½ cup of plain Greek yoghurt and 1 cup of a low-calorie, unsweetened liquid such as almond milk or water. 
  3. Use one scoop of Scitron Ripped Whey Protein powder. 
  4. Add as much ice as needed and blend until smooth.

Serve in a tall glass and enjoy! 

Why Scitron Ripped Whey Protein?

Scitron’s Ripped Whey Protein is an amazing source of whey protein. It provides 30 g of protein in a single scoop, along with 500mg of L-Carnitine, and 300 mg CLA. This protein powder has been scientifically made to help you lose weight. It also helps you with post workout recovery. Not only this but the amazing flavour of chocolate fudge brownie that it comes in adds the cherry on the cake for this protein. 

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