Whey Protein Concentrate Powder

Whey Protein Concentrate Powder: Things You Need To Know

Being a fitness enthusiast, you might come across a lot of protein powders - Whey protein, Whey Protein Concentrate, Whey Protein Isolate and many more, but the question is which one should you choose? Well, the choice is totally yours but you need to know about each of them in detail to come to a decision. Therefore, in this blog Scitron will tell you everything about Whey Protein Concentrate Powder. 

So, take out pen and paper and start taking notes, because it is going to be a super informative blog. Keep close, and let’s get started now!

What is Whey Protein? 

In simple terms, milk is where whey protein comes from. Two proteins make up milk: casein, which makes up around 80% of the protein, and whey, which makes up the remaining 20%.

Whey is the liquid that is still present after making cheese from milk and the solids have been strained off. Following the separation of the solid casein from the liquid whey, the product must go through a number of processing processes before most people can identify it as whey protein.

Types of Whey Protein 

Whey protein comes in mainly three different varieties. 

These include

How is Whey Protein Concentrate made from Whey Protein?

Whey Protein Concentrate is the least processed form of Whey Protein. Whey protein is made when Whey Protein undergoes very less amount of processing which leaves it with low levels of lactose, fat and contains a high amount of protein which is roughly 70–80 percent. 

So basically, Whey Protein Concentrate Powder is almost similar to Whey Protein in its most raw form.

Whey Protein Concentrate Vs Whey Protein Isolate

As mentioned above, Whey Protein Concentrate is the least processed type of Whey Protein, which is almost similar to raw Whey Protein. In general, whey protein concentrate has low levels of lactose, fat and contains almost 70–80 percent protein. 

Also, as Whey Protein Concentrate Powders are least processed, they are the cheapest of the three types of whey proteins.

Whey Protein Isolate on the other hand is a more processed whey protein. It is processed more to remove all the carbohydrates and fats, after which the protein percentage stands at 90–95 percent. Whey protein isolates are a little more expensive than whey protein concentrates because they go through more stages of fats and carbs removal.

The table below shows the key differences between a standard whey isolate and whey concentrate supplement per serve - 


Whey Protein Concentrate

Whey Protein Isolate



Around 25-30 grams


Around 20-25 grams







Undergoes Processing



Health Benefits of Whey Protein Concentrate Powder

Apart from the health benefits which are quite common, some very special benefits of Protein Concentrates are as follow - 

  1. Anyone, from a beginner to an expert bodybuilder or even an athlete, can use whey protein Concentrate powder as a complete protein.
  2. It contains each of the nine essential amino acids, which are necessary for the production of proteins. Since your body cannot generate certain amino acids on its own and you must obtain them from your diet, they are very crucial.
  3. The three essential amino acids leucine, isoleucine, and valine—collectively known as BCAAs—are abundantly present in whey protein supplements. Only because of these amino acids are you able to build and retain muscles, get an extra rush of energy, and stay energised throughout those rigorous gym sessions.

The health benefits associated with Whey Protein Concentrate are as follows - 

  1. Lowers blood pressure 
  2. Reduces inflammation
  3. Promotes muscle building
  4. Keeps you full for longer
  5. Helps in fast metabolism
  6. Boosts immunity
  7. Lowers cholesterol

How To Use?

Whey Protein Concentrate Powders can be consumed both by mixing in water and milk according to your preference. Scitron’s Whey Protein Concentrate Powder is pure and does not contain any sugar, that is why they easily mix with both water and milk to form a homogeneous liquid.

Why is Scitron Whey Protein Concentrate Powder the best?

Scitron is India’s 1st sports and nutrition supplement brand which is certified by the best labs like Eurofins and has the certification from Labdoor. We provide what we claim that is why we are the 1st preference of so many bodybuilders, athletes, fitness freaks, celebrities, influencers and lakhs of people

Scitron provides the Best Whey Protein Concentrate as it is made from the best ingredients which is supplied to them by the world’s best raw material providers for supplements. Their Whey Protein Concentrate Powders are clinically tested and are preferred by some of the top body builders, fitness superstars, athletes, and actors.

Moreover, Scitron proteins do not contain any kind of unwanted ingredients, or artificial sweeteners.

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Table of Nutrition 

The below table shows the nutritional content of 100% RAW Whey Protein Concentrate from Scitron - 

Nutritional Information

Per serving (30g)

Per 100g


















Are there any Side Effects of Whey Protein Concentrate Powder?

A genuine whey protein powder like Scitron’s whey protein concentrate which are made form the world’s best raw materials, and which contain only the genuine ingredients which are necessary, would not have any side effects. Side effects of anything genuine happens when it is not consumed as it is supposed to. You should always stick to the mentioned dosage, and procedure of consuming the protein powder to make sure no chance of side effects ever crops up. 

Therefore, instead of the side effects, we will tell you the safety measures you should strictly follow so that no side effects happen. 

You need to know of a few safety measures before you consume whey protein supplements. They are - 

  1. Always stick to the quantity mentioned on the protein powder to stay away from overdose.
  2. Always check the Whey protein powder whether it contains any kind of artificial sweetener if you are a diabetes patient.
  3. Always make sure that your whey protein supplement contains genuine ingredients.
  4. Always make sure that you are working out or doing physical activity (in the form of sports or going to gym) when you consume whey protein powder.

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We hope this blog has helped you in gaining a lot of details regarding Whey Protein Concentrate. 

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