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Why Is Sleep A Very Important Part Of The Workout Routine?

Are you not able to concentrate on your daily tasks? Are you always low on energy? Not getting the desired result even after dedicated workouts? Are you gaining weight constantly but don't know how and why? If your answer to all of the above mentioned questions is YES then you need to ask yourself whether you are getting proper sleep or not. 
Yes! sleep plays a major role in your workout routine to get the best results. Lack of sleep is the root cause of all the problems you might be facing in getting the body of your dreams or in achieving your fitness goals.
Let us tell you how a good sleep for a dedicated number of hours is more important for you than you think. 

Why do I need a good sleep?

To expedite the process of repairing. Sleep is necessary because when you sleep your body starts the process of repairing and building muscle. This happens because when you sleep you utilise the least amount of energy. This is a signal for your body to use the resources to build the muscles. 
To replenish energy. When you are using energy during the exercise sessions, or even for staying active all day, it would be fair to give time to your body to restock that energy at the end of the day. 
To relax your brain and refresh it. The brain is the organ that keeps on working even when you think you are relaxing. So when does your brain rest? Well, never. But while you are asleep, your brain relaxes a little and concentrates on better things. Only when you sleep, your brain gets a boost to work more efficiently. 
To boost performance on the next day. Poor sleeping habits hamper the recovery process of your muscles, focus, motivation, and this ultimately reduces your performance while sleep boosts your energy level and immune system, which thereby helps you to give your best in any activity. 
To dodge health problems. Insufficient sleep can cause a lot of havoc in your body. Health problems such as heart disease, diabetes and some cognitive impairments may happen. 
To avoid overeating. This might be the first time you are getting to know this, but it is a fact that people tend to overeat when they get insufficient amounts of sleep. People who do not take proper sleep are drawn towards high-calorie food items. 

The intimate relationship of Fitness and Sleep should be very carefully maintained by giving both of these their share of importance. 
But some people are facing difficulty in falling asleep at a reasonable hour. Why? How? What is the solution? 

Read on to know the answers.  

I want to but can't sleep! What to do?

A lot of us might be aware of the facts that we listed above but the real problem with us might be that even when we want to, we can't sleep properly. If this is the case with you too then here are a few tips for you that will ensure a good sleep- 
Set your caffeine limits - Some people are prone to caffeine sensitivity. They have disturbed sleep even hours after drinking coffee. If you are one of this group then you should avoid consuming caffeine in any form after noon time to have a good night's sleep. 
Avoid liquids at bedtime - If you drink too much water before bedtime, it can lead to increased pressure on the bladder, which may disrupt your sleep. The same applies to alcohol.  
Establish a soothing bedtime routine - You should ideally leave all your gadgets at least 2 hours before bedtime. Make an environment for sleep with dim lights and a peaceful environment. Indulge in reading or listening to light music or even meditation.  
Aim for 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night to get higher performance outcomes when you exercise.

Tips for a good sleep of 8 hours. 
Follow these steps and tips and you will be able to have a sound sleep of at least 7 to 8 hours daily. 

  • Make a schedule - Sleep is as important as any other activity. Therefore you need to allocate time for it too. Follow a schedule and stick to it. If you are an early riser then try getting into bed early at night. Even on weekends and holidays, you need to be consistent with your routine. 
  • Create a bedtime ritual or routine - Many times people are unable to sleep because they keep thinking about their work or keep stressing over a particular thing. You need to make sure that at least an hour or two before going to bed, you make a peaceful environment for yourself. 
  • Make sure you are not hungry or thirsty. Also, make sure that you don’t drink a lot of liquids. 
  • Make a cosy environment in your bedroom with proper ventilation. Listen to light music or indulge in a good read. 
  • Make sure your bedroom is dark and quiet

A lot is dependent on your sleep. It is more important than you think. From your mood to your efficiency at work, it all depends on the amount of sleep that you had, and whether your body was able to rest completely or not. 

If you want to achieve your dream body or reach your fitness goal then you should definitely take 7 to 8 hours of good night’s sleep on a daily basis. 
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