Stick To Your Workout Discipline With Scitron!

Stick To Your Workout Discipline With Scitron!


  1. Turn The Ghost Mode Off From Your Fitness Regime
  2. From day 1, you're trying to start everything
  3. You're getting on a higher ladder
  4. You're more focused on a result, not a ritual
  5. You don't change your environment
  6. Closing Thoughts

From building lean muscles to getting yourself in a desired waistline, as the clock strikes twelve welcoming the new year, many people commit themselves to starting a healthy eating and exercise regime.

But most of the fitness army gas out after a few days and months, yes we all have been there. If you have also devoted yourself to getting into your healthier, fitter, and sexier version this year, then this article is for you.

Here we have listed all the easy-to-follow exercise motivation tips that will not only help you to keep glued to your workout routine, and you'll see results.

Turn The Ghost Mode Off From Your Fitness Regime 

According to a study , almost 80% to 92% of new year's resolutions crash, that's almost eight out of ten people. It's a very sad number, but why does it happen?

The reason is change is hard, and you're biting off more than you can chew. In the broadest sense, you're starting with a habit that is too big.

Developing new healthy eating habits or starting up a new fitness regime is not an easy feat. Here we have listed four main reasons why you're not settling well in your workout routine regime which include the following-

  1. You're trying to start everything on day 1
  2. You're getting on a higher ladder, for example- a strict hour 16/8 window of IF 
  3. You're more focused on a result, not a ritual 
  4. You don't change your environment

From Day 1, you're trying to start everything

Have you heard about the expression, "Jack of all trades, master of none", this is exactly what happens when you pick more than one habit at once?

Change occurs out of the comfort zone, at all extremes. It's everything or nothing at one time, but that is not the case.

Transformation is an everyday journey, even professional athletes have to practice for several years to forge strength, stamina, and master tiny habits. 

You're getting on a higher ladder, for example- a strict hour 16/8 window of IF

You're taking off with a habit that's too big. Setting unrealistic resolutions, for example- I will work out twice a day, 5 days a week.

You'll crash land for sure, it's good to stretch out from your comfort zone- But it's a single step a day. This is the biggest mistake that we all make, we march towards taking gym membership with all the pump and flow even though we have never been on this journey before.

It takes a lot of motivation and a strong why to change one habit, but going for more than one? How about fifteen habits in one shot, that's impossible and unhealthy. 

You're more focused on a result, not a ritual

In the fitness world, most of the people who are getting started are obsessed with a destination without taking note of the ocean of efforts that they need to give to get the desired results.

Results are important to stay motivated, but we need to know that transformation happens on a micro level. Most people give up when they don't get results after months of hardcore exercise. 

You don't change your environment

The right environment can make or break your transformation process. it's nearly impossible to bring new habits into a negative environment.

You work harder in a gym when you see others working hard and getting results. The food we buy and the people we surround ourselves with can help us to make our desired habits and exercise programs succeed. 

Closing Thoughts

If you want to change the world, start by making your bed- Admiral McRaven, adding tiny habits in your day can create a domino change in different areas of your life.

If you're serious about getting into your different and better version, adding small incremental habits will help you to get started. In the broadest sense, start with a habit or a workout routine that you can easily stick to.

Now that you know how to chain your workout routine without taking a day off, the next thing that we would second are the right supplements and pre-workout that will help you get the results.

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