Scitron Synbiotic: Discover The Product With The Guts To Keep You Healthy

Does the protein you are consuming currently have the guts to keep you healthy? Scitron has brought out a revolutionary product that can keep you healthy!

Read this blog all the way to the end to learn more about the product and what problems and issues it solves!

Issues Some People Face After Consuming Whey Protein

Some people have complained that they suffer from bloating and feel bulky after consuming whey protein.

Moreover, people are unable to find a whey protein powder or a protein powder brand that can offer sufficient protein to fulfil their daily protein intake.

These are some genuine concerns that a lot of people have, and these concerns are the reason they are unable to achieve their fitness goals.

What Is The Solution?

The solution is simple: find a brand that provides high-quality and high quantities of protein. And that brand is Scitron.

Scitron is India’s 1st sports and nutrition supplement brand, which sources its raw materials from the world's best nutritional raw material supplier, Glanbia Performance Nutrition. Scitron is also Eurofins and Labdoor certified.

Scitron Whey Hydrolyzed + Synbiotic is a revolutionary product by Scitron that offers the solution to all of the above-mentioned problems, faced by some people.

Why does this synbiotic supplement the ultimate solution for all the problems? 

Scitron Whey Hydrolyzed + Synbiotic Protein offers -

  • 24g of high quality protein in each scoop which comes from Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Isolate + Concentrate which is sufficient to fulfil your daily protein intake quantities.
  • Prebiotic and Probiotic Blend which helps in maintaining gut health.
  • No added sugar (0g sugar) which helps you maintain your calorie intake goals.
  • Digestive Enzymes which improves gut health and digestion which prevents bloating.

The Scitron Whey Hydrolyzed + Synbiotic Difference Table 

Scitron Whey Hydrolyzed + Synbiotic Other Protein Products
Protein 24g 24g or above
Added Sugar 0g Above 5g
Prebiotic And Probiotic Blend 17.5g of enzymes for gut health 1+ Billion CFU 0G
NO OTHER protein powder in India has enzymes for gut health
Highest Quality Whey Hydrolyzed + Isolate From Glanbia Performance Nutrition - FDA, USA approved supplier Low quality protein approved from local certification
Digestion Contains DigeZyme for better digestion, Pre and probiotics Very few contain digestive enzymes but no protein powder contains probiotics

Who can use Scitron Whey Hydrolyzed + Synbiotic Protein? 

Scitron Whey Hydrolyzed + Synbiotic Protein is for everyone!

Yes, literally for everyone.

No matter if you are a -

  • Gym goer
  • Non-gym goer
  • Athlete
  • Sports person
  • Runner
  • A person who does light exercise
  • A person who is aiming to maintain their daily protein levels.

This is the reason Why Scitron is claiming that its Whey Hydrolyzed + Synbiotic Protein is the protein for everyone!


When To Use This Synbiotic Product?

Scitron Whey Hydrolyzed + Synbiotic Protein can be consumed at any time of the day. You can consume it before a workout or after it; with breakfast, lunch, and dinner and literally anytime anywhere.

How To Use This Synbiotic Supplement? 

Scitron Whey Hydrolyzed + Synbiotic Protein is very simple to use -

  • Step 1 - Take one scoop of Scitron Whey Hydrolyzed + Synbiotic Protein i.e., around 35g of protein powder in a shaker.
  • Step 2 - Add 180-200 mL of chilled/water or milk to it.
  • Step 3 - Shake the shaker/blender for 25-30 seconds and enjoy.

Scitron Asli Protein - TRY KAR! 

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