What They Don’t Tell You About Pre-workout Protein Powder

Truth of Pre-workout Protein Powder

It is hard enough to get to the gym on the best of days, and sticking it out till the end of your workout is a different challenge altogether. What if there was a way to get the most out of your workouts? The secret is pre-workout protein powder. The benefits of pre-workout protein powder have become as widely known as other workout supplements.

As athletes become more aware of all that is available to enhance their training efforts, they have sought out the benefits of pre-workout powders and other supplements. Continue reading to discover the answers to your queries as well as some pre-workout powder secrets.


Although the word is self-explanatory, a quick Internet search will reveal more details than you knew existed. Simply put, a pre-workout supplement is a mix of vitamins, nutrients, and amino acids, along with caffeine and sugar. This workout supplement enhances your training regimen and these combined ingredients help develop the muscle and endurance required for your workouts.

The caffeine in the pre-workout protein powder provides a burst of energy, alertness, and motivation to keep going during the workout. The best pre-workout supplements especially contain BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids) that help build muscle as you work out and reduce muscle soreness.


There are numerous benefits of pre-workout supplements. They can be taken to enhance endurance and stamina, or to focus on muscle and strength development, depending on the type of training you do.

Let’s break it down for better understanding-

Muscle Gains:

Pre-workout supplements contain high levels of essential amino acids, especially BCAAs, that aid muscle gains. In addition, they also contain citrulline, which specifically increases blood flow to muscles, thereby boosting oxygen levels and carrying extra nutrients to muscles as they undergo the stress of training.

Enhanced Strength:

The most important elements in pre-workout protein powders are creatine and nitrate for enhancing strength. Nitrate helps in transporting more amino acids and other essential nutrients to the muscles and creatine help enhance muscle strength, muscle mass, and endurance.

Endurance Boost:

Pre-workout supplements help prevent muscle soreness and energy loss. These fatigue-causing mechanisms are countered by the presence of caffeine, which gives the strength to endure a workout and stay motivated throughout, beta-alanine, which works to reduce acids that cause the “burn” from intense training, and L-theanine, which inhibits the effects of caffeine that causes anxiety.


You should consume pre-workout protein powder at a time that provides maximum benefits. Taking it too soon allows them to metabolize, which will not be helpful, and taking it late will not give you the full benefit while you work out.

It is recommended that you consume your choice of pre-workout supplement 30-60 minutes before starting your workout. This will allow the caffeine to start invigorating you, as well as the complicated ingredients to enter your bloodstream.

Many people are sensitive to caffeine. While the caffeine content in pre-workout supplements is well within the permissible limits, some people may experience anxiety as a result of using them. There are rare occurrences where people allergic to niacin and beta-alanine ingredients may be uncomfortable with symptoms such as skin reddening, numbness, and tingling in their hands and feet. While not considered dangerous, they can be unpleasant.


Increased muscle and increased strength while working out will be quite noticeable as you consume pre-workout protein powder. The lasting effects are entirely dependent on your training goals, the type of training you undergo, and your physiology.

Some noticeable changes will be:
✅ Surge in energy levels.
✅ Intense focus during a workout.
✅ Tingling sensation due to beta-alanine content. You will feel this instantly.
✅ Lift increasingly heavier weights and push for more reps as compared to before.


❌ Pre-workout protein powder is a waste of money. There are valid and effective pre-workout supplements that give verifiable results in the form of increased muscle and strength, hence the misconception is incorrect.
❌ No need for supplements if you eat right. This is true for people who exercise to stay fit. However, competitive athletes and people who compete at the highest levels, on the other hand, require additional amino acids to support the amount of protein synthesis their bodies demand. This can only be supported with a legitimate pre-workout protein powder or supplement.
❌ Pre-workout supplements improve muscle and strength without training. This is not true at all. By definition, a supplement means something to add to your training. You might find yourself more alert by taking pre-workouts and not exercising. However, the only way to truly benefit from a pre-workout supplement is with a serious workout regimen.


Pre-workout supplements are generally considered safe. There aren’t simply weight loss supplements. They are intended for people engaged in high-intensity workouts for competitive sports. However, some may experience anxiety with these supplements. Check with your physician before consuming pre-workout supplements if you are uncertain.

The basic recommended dosage is 20-30gms. It should be noted that every supplement is different. The concentration of ingredients vary for each product, therefore it is important to follow the recommended dosage on the supplement’s label.


There are hundreds of supplements available on the market. Scouring through the Internet to find one that suits you can be a Herculean task! Read the labels and do your research before you make a purchase. Ensure that the product you pick contains the essential ingredients without any ingredients that are not required or you don’t understand.

One of the best pre-workout supplements is Scitron’s Volcano Pre-Workout on the market right now. It contains essential amino acids such as 3.2g beta-alanine, 1.5g arginine, citrulline malate, and 300g caffeine, without any junk fillers.

There is a lot of noise surrounding pre-workout supplements. It can get tough to obtain legitimate information on the benefits and side effects of these supplements. This guide will offer the basics as to how you can get started with pre-workout supplements. Make sure that use these as part of an intense training program, not a general fitness regimen. These can help you go longer and harder at your workouts and will enhance them when used properly.