Untold Truth About BCAA Supplements

Untold Truth About BCAA Supplements

“What are BCAA supplements and why is everybody talking about it these days?” If this sentence seems similar to what you have been having in mind since the past few days, then you are at the right place. We will tell you what BCAAs are and why they have been in the limelight so much.

What is BCAA?

BCAA is the short form of Branched-Chain Amino Acids. Yes, it is a chain of 3 Amino Acids, namely leucine, valine and isoleucine.

Why should one consume amino acids?
Amino acids should be consumed because they are the building blocks of protein. The importance of protein and all the other right nutrients is very well understood by an athlete or a fitness freak, gym goer.

Why should one consume particularly BCAA for amino acids?

These three amino acids (leucine, valine and isoleucine) have been of major interest to both consumers and researchers because of their potential to reduce muscle tissue breakdown. It also makes the process of post-workout recovery fast.

Breaking down the technical stuff into easy language -
When you do an intensive workout, your muscles being unaware of the strain they have to carry, get stretched and take more load than usual to support you. Now, this leads to muscle soreness. When you take BCAA Supplement, this discomfort that lasts almost two days is reduced.

Now, it is important to understand that all the protein that you consume is eventually broken down into amino acids during digestion in your body. These amino acids are then distributed in the body and are used to build and repair muscle, tissue, cells that have been stretched during the rigorous workouts or exhausting exercise sessions.

Now you know what BCAA helps your body with. But you might say that any kind of other supplement that you consume also serves the same purpose. So what is so special about BCAA?

Firstly, Good question!
Let us tell you why we are a fan of BCAA, and reading this amazing advantage of BCAA Supplement you might become one too.

Advantages of consuming BCAA over any other kind of supplements

BCAA is the best supplement you could have. Why? That is because it is used immediately by your muscles. Get it? No? Let us explain.

All the other amino acids require a quick visit to the liver where they are broken down and processed. However, BCAA does not require that long process and it makes a VIP entry, and is directly used by the muscles for strength, recovery and healing. How cool is that, right?

It sure is cool because professional athletes, gym goers, and workout freaks and enthusiasts require exactly this. They want a supplement that would immediately start the process of healing and recovery, and to build muscles.

After those eye-opener advantages of BCAA, you might have made up your mind of ordering BCAA for yourself too. But before you click on the next tab and start your search, let us quickly tell you some more advantages of BCAA supplements.

What are the BCAA supplement benefits?

BCAA protein powder is best if you want to-

● Support muscle recovery.

BCAA does this in a very cool way.
It first lowers the levels of the two enzymes - Creatine kinase and Lactate dehydrogenase from the blood that are involved in muscle damage.
It also increases the protein synthesis which helps the tissues to not get damaged during intense workouts or training sessions.

● Reduce exercise fatigue.

This it does by limiting the entry of other amino acids in your brain, that would muddle with your brain and secretes hormones that would make you feel burned during intense workouts or training sessions.

These are the two main functions of BCAA. but aren't these functions the most important for you to gain muscles?

Now you can open up the next tab and order for yourself a BCAA supplement. But wait. You should only go with the best BCAA supplement in the market to get the best results and see the results faster.

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