Ultimate Guide on Vegan Workout Supplements

Being a vegan does not mean you need to miss out on protein supplements. And if you are a person who does work out regularly, you should keep track of your protein intake. 

Workout Vegan supplements – BCAA & Plant Protein 

There are various advantages of taking vegan supplements. Although a regular person can get enough protein from their diet. But those who work out regularly or want bulkier muscles need extra protein to make that possible. You can get extra protein from protein and BCAA supplements available in the market. 

Is a vegan supplement enough?

There are thousands of options for a protein supplement in the market but if you are a vegan, your option shrinks to something around hundreds. Fewer options less distraction, right? But are vegan protein and BCAA supplements enough? Do you even know what supplement would be good for you? Hundreds of products and so less knowledge about them, then how can one choose the best for them?

If you are a vegan and wondering any such question then let’s be clear about one thing. Vegan supplements are  no less than regular supplements. In fact, they are better. So, make sure your product is hundred percent  vegan because normal BCAA are generally isolated from animal hair and other animal products. So choose a vegan supplement that actually suits your taste buds without any worries.

What are BCAA and Protein?

If you are going to take any kind of protein or BCAA supplements you need to know what they are and what they do. The definition of protein according to the scientists goes like this: A macronutrient that is essential for building muscle mass. This macronutrient repairs cells in your body and enables them to do various functions in the cell. 

Made of 20 amino acids, protein helps your body to stay active. It is the most essential nutrient for repairing cells. Every amino acid has a specific need to fulfil in your cells and not all 20 amino acids would help you in making your muscles bulkier. Because each amino acid has different kinds of function in your body cells, if you are going to take your supplement for building muscles and gaining the extra energy needed for your workout session, you need to be specific. This is where BCAA enters. 

BCAA or branched amino acids are the only amino acids that your body needs for building and repairing muscle. These three amino acids; leucine, isoleucine, and valine cannot be produced in our body. Thus, we get it from a protein found in food. BCAA extensively helps the human body in gaining higher muscle power. It helps you while working out by limiting the entry of tryptophan into your brain. Tryptophan plays a part in halting your exercise by producing serotonin. 

What should you look for in a plant-based protein powder?

If you are going to buy plant-based protein powder you need to be a smart buyer and look for what is written in the ingredients section of your product. Make sure it is vegan, as per your criteria, and go ahead.

  • Check whether it is complete protein powder or not. Complete protein powder is best for you so go for it.
  • Look for BCAA. If you want BCAA then make sure the product you are going to buy has BCAA.
  • Check its source. See whether it is obtained from soy, pea, hemp, or something else. Choose your requirements.
  • Check if it has added sugar. If you do not want added sugar then avoid one that contains sugar.
  • Check how much protein is present per intake. 
  • If you want flavors then check for available options in the market. You can choose whatever flavor you want as per your taste.

What is the best plant-based vegan supplement?

If you want the best plant protein for yourself you would have to look for it. From hundreds of options, you would have to search for one product that is best for you. Only the research would take all your time and energy. If you want to be saved from all hectic research you can try Scitron organic pea protein unflavored 900g.

This pocket-friendly plant-based protein supplement is 100% organic. You get 25g of protein in each serving. It does not have any added sugar which is a bonus to you. This vegan protein supplement has 4.7g BCAA which is an impressive feature if you want BCAA added protein supplement. 

What is the best vegan BCAA supplement?

From the entire ocean full of options, you might be searching for the best vegan BCAA supplement. But how to find it? Don’t worry, we have a suggestion for you. The advanced BCAA by Scitron is isolated from complete vegan BCAA. Available in 4 major flavours as well as, non flavoured BCAA it is made to take complete care of your energy dose.

Scitron BCAA uses a 2:1:1 ratio of leucine, isoleucine and valine respectively to produce your perfect BCAA dose. The best features of Scitron BCAA are reducing muscle breakdown, building protein in muscles, improving exercise performance, preventing fatigue and improving concentration during exercise.  

Scitron advanced BCAA watermelon is the best flavoured BCAA supplement available in the market. To suit all desires of your taste buds Scitron has made BCAA available in four most demanded flavours. It is also available in mango, orange burst and cola flavours.

What is Raw BCAA?

Raw BCAA is the purest form of BCAA. It helps you to get through the intense exercise sessions. RAW BCAA Unflavored 250g is one of the best unflavoured BCAA products available on the market. Its best feature is that it helps extensively in protein syncretization. Scitron has BCAA in two sizes – variety box + Jars (4 flavors) so check one out that makes your body and taste buds feel alive.

It is the best BCAA supplement that can be taken before exercise. You can use 1 scoop before every workout session to increase the effect on your body. It is best for preventing fatigue due to heavy workout sessions. It even increases your concentration during intense exercises.

Bonus Tip: 

Drink the protein and BCAA supplements 15 minutes before your workout session to get the best results, it increases effectiveness. Add some natural sources of protein like nuts and legumes in your diet too to get the best effects.

The Bottom Line

Research suggests that pea and brown rice protein supplements are the best plant-based protein supplements. And if you want to try mixed plant protein then Wallah you got the jackpot. But keep in mind that you should not exceed protein intake if you do not workout. A less active man should not exceed his protein intake 56g per day. While a less active woman should keep her intake 46g. 

If you want to have a vegan protein & BCAA supplement you can find the best one easily. Find the best that suits your taste or give a shot to the ones that we suggested. With some basic background research, you might find your soul fulfilling supplement. With the information we shared with you it would be relatively easy to find your next favorite protein staple.

Do you still have any queries regarding vegan protein & BCAA supplement? Let us know in the comment section below.