Ways To Up Your Daily Protein Intake

Ways To Up Your Daily Protein Intake

Consumption of the right amount of protein is just as important as having all the other foods. In Indian households, dal is something that is consumed by all of us and considered as a desi supplement. What we have not understood is that dal is more of a carbohydrate than a protein.

No matter how much you consumed dal, it will not be able to fulfil the Required Daily Intake (RDI) which is equal to a minimum of 50 grams per day or equal to your body weight. The Required Daily Intake is more for those who work out every day.

To help you increase your daily protein intake without the use of unnecessary nutritional products, here are some tips that you can follow sitting at your home without much effort.

Have a balanced diet with the right amount of protein in EVERY meal

We often forget that we do not include the right amount of protein in our meals. It is important to have protein-rich foods like paneer, chicken, eggs, soya, sprouts in every meal and not once or twice a week.

This is a major misconception for all of us in India that consuming these protein-rich foods is only for some special occasions. In fact, not having them regularly is going to be harmful in the long run.

Make sure to include small amounts of anyone or a combination of these protein-rich foods in every mail throughout the day without fail. It is important to include at least 20 to 30 grams of protein-rich food in every meal you have in a day. This makes for the best body supplement in India.

Once you start having a diet filled with the right amount of protein foods, you will see a difference in your muscle mass and a loss of fat in your body. 

You will also realise that you will feel fuller without consuming a lot of food which means that a metabolic rate has increased.

Have a balanced diet and don’t forget to include protein in every meal of the day for the proper functioning of your body.

Consume your protein before everything else

When you start taking your food make sure to first consume your proteins. Protein helps in the production of Peptide YY (PYY) Which is a gut hormone responsible to make you feel fuller.

Moreover, when the protein intake is more, it decreases your hunger levels and increases your metabolic rate once you finish eating your food and also while you are sleeping. Eating your protein first also helps in keeping your insulin levels in check.

Replace your favourite serial with eggs

All of like the processed breakfast cereals available in the market. But these cereals add nothing to the nutritional value of your breakfast. Oatmeal is an exception amongst all the other cereals available since it does contain about 6 grams of protein in one serving.

This is not the right amount of protein and you require more than this. It is better to switch your breakfast cereals with eggs. These are filled with protein.

Having three eggs in the morning provides around 19 grams of protein along with the required amount of fat and other nutrients too. It is a great desi supplement for bodybuilding.

Eggs are also known to make you feel full during the day. This will ensure that you avoid bingeing on random snacks.

Swap your breakfast for a rich protein smoothie, bowl or shake

Nowadays breakfast smoothies, bowls and shakes are getting very famous. These smoothies or bowls are made up of frozen fruits and vegetables of your choice mixed with either milk or yoghurt to give it a thick consistency.

A great way to enhance the quality of these smoothies is to add a little bit of protein powder to them. Protein powders add to the nutritional value of the entire breakfast and also makes you feel extra full throughout the day.

Smoothies or shakes mixed with protein powders from the indian supplement brands are a great alternative for people who are either vegetarian or unable to have the right amount of food to fulfil their daily requirement of protein.

Protein Shakes are made primarily from vegetarian protein derived from whey, soy or pea protein. Whey protein is a well-known protein powder. It is a lot more beneficial than any other powders as per researches done by scientists throughout the world.

A scoop of Scitron’s Super Whey Isolate powder, on average, contains around 24 grams of protein. Having a protein shake in the morning and having a protein-rich diet throughout the day is enough to fulfil the RDI of protein for an individual.

Have fruits and peanut butter together

Fruits are a great source of antioxidants, nutrients, fibre and natural sugars but have a very low protein content in them. Having fruits every day is vital. A great way to make any fruit rich in protein is to pair it with peanut butter.

Organic peanut butter is a nutritional product that is delicious and great source of protein. The creamy texture of peanut butter pairs well with crunchy fruits like apples and pears. It also tastes great with bananas and almonds.

Moreover, it is seen that when you consume 2 tablespoons of peanut butter with anyone fruit, the protein content of the overall combination boosts to around 8 grams of protein. 

Peanut butter is also great for people with any heart condition since it promotes heart health and also keeps blood sugar in check.

What should we learn from this?

Now that we are aware of the importance of protein in our daily diet, we need to keep a few things in mind:

  • To include protein in every meal of the day
  • To consume at least a minimum of 50 grams per day
  • Consuming the right amount of protein helps increase metabolic rate and also helps you reduce weight over time.

All the above points are easy for all of us to do at our homes. There should not be any difficulty in following the above points and maintaining the right amount of protein in our diet for our good.

With Scitron, who provide one of the best online supplements in india, there is no way your daily protein intake will be left unfulfilled.