What’s the right way to use pre-workout supplements?

What’s the right way to use pre-workout supplements?

Fitness enthusiasts and athletes like cyclists used to do their thing without any pre-workout supplements in earlier times. This included peanut butter toasts and simple strong coffee. But times have changed now, with specialty pre-workout products hitting the market shelves. We shall look at what they are and how you can use them below. Pre-workout refers to any product you use before the training begins to help you perform your exercises better and more efficiently.

Today pre-workout products come in powder form to be taken 15-30 minutes before the exercise routine. Basically the products provide energy through the sugars and carbohydrates in them but also through inclusion of caffeine and/or other mental stimulants. For many decades a simple cup of coffee having a heavy dose of caffeine was the only pre-workout drink needed, and it works well enough as a dilator and stimulant.

Some pre-workout formulas include massive amounts of caffeine upto 400mg. Some other ingredients included in pre-workout products are Alanine, Arginine and Citrulline along with BCAAs. You would be pleasantly surprised to know that Scitron’s BCAA is a vegan formula, completely vegetarian compared to other competitor BCAA products which are made from animal hair and such. These ingredients help you train harder and longer. NO2 boosters such as Citrulline and Arginine enhance blood flow by dilating blood vessels helping remove waste such as Lactic Acid and Carbon Dioxide from the body and muscles.

To know if any of these formulas are safe to have, mostly it is the caffeine concentration that one needs to be looking at. Some products contain caffeine in very high amounts and there it is advisable to start with low doses.

Pre-workouts are very popular nowadays in the supplement industry and if used correctly with the right ingredients, they can be highly effective. To buy our pre workout formulas like Volcano and others, please visit https://scitron.com/product-category/pre-workout/