Labdoor certified

Scitron is now LABDOOR Certified

About Labdoor

Labdoor’s Mantra - We Test, You Decide is so very appropriate. A consumer thinks that the vitamins and supplements that they buy are effective and safe, but in reality, this isn't always the case.

Labdoor is an independent company that tests supplements. They find out whether the products have the same ingredients in the same quantities as they claim. They also test whether the products have any harmful ingredients in them. 

They then grade and rank the products, write reports, and publish that information for free, so that the consumers can confidently buy the best supplements for their health benefits.

Labdoor Certifications prove that the products that a person buys and consumes meet the highest quality standards.

Why is Labdoor Certified Protein Considered Authentic?

Labdoor analyzes the content, quality, and purity of the most popular supplements in the market. Claims by the brands are common but Labdoor tells whether the product is as good as the brand claims it to be or not. 

They use a FDA-registered laboratory to test each supplement on various parameters. In the beginning they only tested fish oils and protein powders, but have expanded to cover reviews of 20 supplement types including probiotics, pre-workout mixes, creatine, CoQ10 and many more.

The ranking of brands are done on the basis of label accuracy, product purity, nutritional value, ingredient safety, and projected efficacy.

How does Labdoor grade products?

Labdoor has a detailed method and steps of grading products. It should be mentioned here that getting the tag of “Labdoor Certified” is not at all easy as they have strict parameters and any minute detail that does not adhere with their standard grade procedure leads to the penalisation of that product. 

See the details below.

  1. Label Accuracy

    Labdoor's Label Accuracy score tests a product’s measured levels of active ingredients and compares it with the label claims.

  2. Product Purity

    Labdoor's Product Purity score is based on a product's contaminant levels.

  3. Nutritional Value

    Labdoor's Nutritional Value score detects the levels of a product's macronutrients and other supporting nutrients.

  4. Ingredient Safety

    Labdoor's Ingredient Safety score is based on whether a product has: 1) active ingredients at unsafe levels and/or 2) additives with potential health risk.

  5. Projected Efficacy

    Labdoor's Projected Efficacy score is based on a product's active ingredients, their levels, and their specific biochemical properties.

Scitron has been awarded the Labdoor Certificate 

Scitron, which is the 1st sports and bodybuilding nutrition supplement brand, has recently been certified by Labdoor, a USA based certification organisation for testing the purity and authenticity of products.

Scitron’s  ADVANCE Whey Protein Powder - Milk Chocolate Flavour has been awarded the prestigious seal - “Labdoor certified.” Labdoor certified Indian whey protein, Scitron’s ADVANCE Whey Protein powder - Milk Chocolate Flavour was tested by the Eurofins lab for Accuracy and Purity. It was evident from the tests that Scitron protein is accurate and pure and that it stands on its claims and that is why it got the Labdoor Certification. 

Scitron’s ADVANCE Whey Protein powder - Milk Chocolate Flavour contains 25.5g of protein, 6 g of BCAA and 20 added vitamins and minerals. But the best part of this protein powder is that it contains 0 g of sugar. 

About Scitron

Scitron, the best supplement brand in India  believes in offering the best quality nutritional supplements and the best bodybuilding supplements in India which are made with a lot of research and development and are backed with scientifically proven technologies. The sports nutrition supplements we make are at par with any International supplement brand.

Why Scitron?

The answer to this would be - because it is Labdoor Certified Protein In India.

But other than this prestigious certification, Scitron has a lot to offer which makes it the best protein brand in India. 

Here’s what makes Scitron not just a good brand but one of the best supplement brands in India - 

  • Finest quality raw material sourced from global manufacturers 
  • Highly scientific and technology based formulas
  • Standardised manufacturing process under controlled environment
  • Products made for the bodybuilders & fitness enthusiasts
  • Flavours are tasty and unique and deliver the best texture
  • Result oriented approach
  • Our formulations are trusted by International bodybuilders
  • Extremely affordable pricing 
  • Eurofins certified products and now Scitron is also Labdoor certified

Labdoor Certified Whey Protein In India

Scitron is an Indian supplement brand with all the manufacturing and blending of raw ingredients happening in India. We do source our raw materials from various sources across the globe, but we try to sell the majority of our products in India.

Scitron Asli Protein Try Kar!

To check out Labdoor Certified protein, visit our website, Scitron. Check out the various products we offer under different categories and focus on reaching your goals rather than stressing about whether the supplements that you are consuming are authentic. With Scitron results are guaranteed because the purity and authenticity of the products are guaranteed with the Labdoor Certified seal. 

And to all the people who have been a part of the Scitron family, you now have proof that your choice of protein powder brand was totally correct. Congratulations for choosing a brand that sticks to what it claims.