Asim Riaz Trusts Scitron Protein: Here's Why!

Asim Riaz Trusts Scitron Protein : Here's Why!

Asim Riaz has become a famous face of the industry today. But do you know the secret of him becoming so fit? Well, in this blog the secret of the fitness of your favourite artist and celebrity Asim Riaz will be revealed. Keep reading till the end to find the product that is the first choice of your favourite celebrity.

The Secret Revealed!

Asim Riaz has climbed the stairs of success and we all have seen his progress over the years. He says that the motivation that he required in this long and hard journey is always given by his fans. He says that his fans and loved ones have always helped him become the advanced version of himself. Certainly a person needs the support of the right ones to move ahead in the right direction.

But wait! Could anybody reach such a pedestal without the right nutrition? The right nutrition is one of the most important things on the list of the right support, isn’t it? And that is what Asim Riaz also says. Therefore, this is the reason he chooses only the best. He owes his health and good nutrition to Scitron ADVANCE Whey Protein. Scitron Asli Protein.
You might be thinking -

Why Scitron?

Asim Riaz says that there are many cheaper alternatives in the market but his experience tells him that they all blend substances to bring down prices.
Asim asks his fans - How can the highest quality nutrition come in such cheap prices?
He further says that he trusts Scitron for the same reason. The protein powders are both high quality yet affordable.

Check out the amazing video of Asim Riaz where he talks about his favourite protein from here - 

The Flavour He Loves 

Talking about the flavour of Scitron ADVANCE Whey Protein, he says that its Milk Chocolate Flavour is so authentic and tasty that it reminds him of the chocolate milkshakes he used to have in his childhood. He further disclosed that Scitron ADVANCE Whey Protein is the tastiest protein he has ever had.
He also stated that Scitron is Labdoor Certified and this gives him confidence that his favourite protein is also authentic. The world class quality that Scitron protein provides has been sealed as authentic from one of the best labs of the world.
So what are you waiting for? Buy the protein your favourite artist prefers and consumes himself.

Why Do You Need It?

Scitron Advance Whey Protein has 20 added vitamins and minerals, 25.5g protein, 6g bcaa and 0g sugar.

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With Scitron, you can trust that whatever you are consuming is safe as it delivers what it claims. The products have been tested and certified by Eurofins and have got an ‘A’ certification from Labdoor. The proof of purity and accuracy of Scitron products is sealed with these certifications from the world's best labs.
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