5 Myths About Getting A Ripped Body

5 Myths About Getting A Ripped Body

A lot of myths are prevalent in India regarding getting a ripped body. While some are myths, some are just silly beliefs that people have been passing on one another. In this blog Scitron is busting all the myths that you might have come across. 

Read this blog till then end and understand why you should not believe everything you hear in your gym, because the master is here to tell the truth.

Busting Myths One By One

Let’s start busting myths to get the ripped physique without any doubts.

Myth 1 - You have to do high repetitions to get muscle definition

  • This is probably the most common myth that goes around everywhere in the industry. You might have heard a person sit in one corner of your gym giving the fake gyaan - “Low reps are for putting on muscles. Cutting chahiye toh high reps maar”. 
  • Well, absolutely NO! This is just a misunderstood piece of information. People who don’t understand the balance of high and low reps burn themselves out quickly and don’t get the maximum benefit that could have got when alternating between high and low reps. 

Myth 2 - There are different exercises for cutting and bulking

  • People are propagating this myth without even having the most basic understanding because they have the preconceived belief that one workout for one muscle area would expand its size while another exercise for the same muscle group will cause it to shred.
  • The reality is that your muscles can't differentiate between a ‘cutting' or ‘bulking exercise' and there is no such term as a Shredding exercise. 
  • Simply put, weight training raises your basal metabolic rate (BMR), allowing you to burn more calories throughout the day, including at rest and after exercise. If your overall calorie consumption is just below or at maintenance, this increased BMR will aid in fat loss (i.e., the amount of calories your body needs to stay at the same weight). If your workout programme is as effective as your diet, performing this exercise repeatedly will eventually result in a ripped body.

Myth 3 - Winter is for bulking and summers are for shredding and muscle definition.

  • Well, this myth sounds so silly. How can people even believe this? Just because you wear sweaters during winters, that doesn't give you the reason to start bulking. This simply means that whoever is telling this myth wants to get fat in winters and then over compensate for it in the summers. 
  • Here’s the truth - you can be ripped anytime of the year, irrespective of the season. 

Myth 4 - If your goal is muscle definition you can’t use creatine.

  • Well this myth is not as baseless as the other ones we have busted. This myth arises from the fact that Creatine makes you hold water inside your body. 
  • But it is absolutely not true that you can’t use it! 
  • Creatine is undoubtedly a useful supplement, even if your objective is muscular definition. This is due to the fact that while you might initially believe it will cause your body to retain more water, creatine actually helps to boost the intracellular water in your muscles, which improves performance in the gym. You can increase muscle growth and definition by doing this.
  • Additionally, it will give the appearance that your muscles are fuller. Therefore, even if you want to define your muscles, there is absolutely no need to stop using creatine.

Myth 5 - Want popped out veins? Use Nitric Oxide!

  • There are ripped body supplements like L-arginine, L-Citrulline, and similar that are promoted to offer you a fantastic pump during exercise. These supplements cause your veins to pop out. However, unless you already have a low body fat percentage, these supplements won't help you define your muscles.

Parting Note

We tried covering all the widely famous myths in this blog. We hope all of your doubts regarding ripped body and workout for ripped body are solved.

To get a lean ripped body you need to first make sure that you do not believe in any of the above-mentioned myths.

Lean physique would require you authentic supplements that are made with pure ingredients and have a seal of authentication. Scitron checks all these parameters. Check out Scitron to find the supplement you want.