Post Diwali Workout: Tips To Follow After Diwali

We know even after reading our pre-Diwali tips to sail through this festival without getting too much out of shape, you forgot everything once the festive vibes kicked in and you got served all the homemade delicacies.

Well honestly, anybody would have gotten distracted as this festival demands to be enjoyed without any constraints.
In this blog we are going to tell you the post Diwali workout you need to get your fitness routine back on track.
We will be telling you both Post Diwali Detox as well as Post Diwali exercises.

Let’s start with the-

Diet Tips To Follow Post Diwali 

For Post Diwali detox in the right way, you don’t need to start a crash diet under the guilt of eating your favorite sweets and savories during Diwali. Follow these tips and get in shape in the healthiest way so that you don’t turn into a skeleton.

  1. The “less portion, frequent meals” tip

  • Controlling the portion size of a meal and increasing the frequency of meals from three meals a day to four-five would help you to shed those extra kilos more efficiently.
  1. The “reduce your sugar intake” tip

  • Lowering your sugar consumption as much as you can will help you cut down on more calories during the post Diwali fasting.
  • Looking for alternatives like having chaach (buttermilk) in place of sweet lassi will help you get more options for food and drinks. However, consuming natural sugar in fruits would help.
  1. The “have fresh food” tip

  • It is a fact that the more you eat fresh, the faster the body detoxifies. Include fresh green salads in your diet, along with fruits.
  1. The “you don’t need to starve” tip

  • There is no need to starve yourself just because you had a lot to eat these past few days during Diwali.
  • Say a big NO to crash diets. It might be a surprise but you should eat everything but must be watchful of the portions.
  1. The “Be active all the time” tip

  • Start with your cardio again, but along with it, you need to move around as much as you can. For a fit and healthy lifestyle, you need to be active all the time.

Post Diwali Workouts

If you are game to get back in shape then you must invest yourself in some game. Let us tell you how -

  1. Resume your gym sessions

  • To get back to your fitness routine it is important to resume your gym sessions.
  • In the gym take things back slowly. It is not expected of you to be able to show the same level of fitness when you last went to the gym before the Diwali holidays.
  • Your body has had its stagnant period these days, and therefore, it is important to not expect the same fitness from it.
  • Increase the weights slowly and let your body adjust to the gym sessions again.
  • Take your protein drinks to help you get the right pump before the workouts and post workout recovery drinks to recover well.
  1. Think outside the gym too

  • It is important for you to be engaged in some kind of physical activity throughout the day.
  • Going to the gym and then lazing around would not help you much. Going for a hike or even a walk would make a lot of difference.

With these tips, you will be able to live your Fit and Healthy lifestyle again.

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