Whey Protein Powder Myths

Crushing Whey Protein Powder Myths with Allen Choudhary

Whey protein powder is the most consumed protein powder in the entire world, but it is also the most misunderstood pre-workout supplement. If you are one of those people who is restricting yourself from consuming this supplement because of some myths, then this blog is for you.

In this blog Allen Choudhary is helping us crush the widely spread misconceptions and myths about whey protein powder. 

Allen Choudhary, who is a famous personality on social media is a very fitness-conscious person. (Seeing his body, you won’t doubt this.)

Allen Choudhary, through his Instagram post, has busted a lot of myths that were stopping people, and specially women, from consuming whey protein supplements. 

Aleen Choudhary smashing myths!

Let’s see the myths one by one and smash them with the right facts -

Myth 1 - Whey protein causes hair loss.

Fact - Whey protein DOES NOT cause hair loss. Hair is lost because of a lot of reasons but consuming whey protein powder is not one of them. In fact, protein is essential for hair growth and 100% RAW whey protein will help your hair get stronger.

Myth 2 - Why protein contains steroids.

Fact - Whey protein is a by-product of milk, therefore, it does not contain any kind of steroids. Consuming whey protein powder from an authentic and trustable brand will ensure that you are getting only the best quality whey and that there are no unwanted ingredients mixed in it.

Myth 3 - Protein powders make you bulky.

Fact - When protein powders are paired with regular exercise, workouts or any physical activity will only benefit your body. The protein doesn’t necessarily make you bulky, they also provide the daily dose of protein. This will ensure that your body gets the daily requirements of protein, which is necessary to keep going through the various activities of the day.

This myth especially haunts women who think that they will bulk up and will suddenly become muscular after they consume the protein powder, which is not at all correct. Scitron has smashed all the myths that so many women were thinking to be true through a reel which stars Allen Choudhary himself. Do check it out to get the facts with a bit of laughter -

The truth revelation by your favourite influencer!

Allen Choudhary has busted all these myths through a reel on Instagram. Do check it out -

to hear all this directly from him and to also get a dose of laughter with his facial expressions and interesting voice modulations.

Allen said that he has switched to Scitron Advance Whey Protein as it has 20 added vitamins and minerals, 25.5g protein, 6g bcaa and 0g sugar. 

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Scitron ASLI Protein Try Kar and believe only in facts, not myths.