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Fitness Mantra of Arjun Kapoor

Everybody has their own weaknesses in life. For a lot of people, food might be their greatest weakness. Want to know what might be the weakness of Arjun Kapoor? He has shared his weakness with Scitron, and we are revealing it in this blog. Keep reading this blog to learn a lot of interesting things about Arjun Kapoor.

Arjun Tells Us…

Arjun Kapoor has shown his acting talent with the different genres of films that he has acted in, and he has aced all of them. People might have asked him a lot of questions regarding his different roles and the difficulties he faced in doing justice to them. But, Scitron asked him a different question. We asked him what kind of difficulty he faced while getting into the shape that his various roles required him to be in. His answer amazed everybody.

The revelation!

He disclosed that chocolate has been his weakness since childhood. Although he quickly followed this little revelation about himself with the fact that eating too much chocolate is not good for your health. Moreover, he also admitted that a lot of people suggested that he give up chocolate to prepare better for his various roles and get in shape.


Cravings! A word which can make the strongest of people weak. And this sentence perfectly holds true for our hero too. He has been a fan of chocolates, and the cravings made him go on a quest for healthier chocolate. After research, he found Scitron ADVANCE Whey in Milk Chocolate flavour.

This is what you need!

Scitron ADVANCE Whey provides 25.5 g of Protein, and 6 g of BCAA with 0 g of Sugar in each scoop. 

Scitron sources its ingredients from Glanbia Nutritionals, USA, which is one of the best raw ingredient providers in the world. The protein powders from Scitron are certified by the world’s best testing labs, including Eurofins and Labdoor. Scitron is the first choice of many leading athletes and bodybuilders for their daily dose of protein.

Our hero, Arjun Kapoor, found a way to consume chocolates without sugar.

And the lesson learnt? "Apni Chocolate cravings ko maaro mat!" Scitron ADVANCE Whey Try Kar and get your cravings satisfied along with getting authentic protein.

Try Kar!

Just like how he selects his film scripts based on the authenticity of the characters in his films, Arjun Kapoor has found ASLI protein powder from Scitron. A healthier but equally tasty replacement for chocolates, Scitron ADVANCE Whey Protein in Milk Chocolate flavour is your ideal match if you love chocolates like Arjun. So what are you waiting for? Get yourself this tasty and healthy chocolate and get a high amount of protein too to get the body you have always wanted.