How To Control Hunger Pangs And Gain Mass The Right Way?

The struggle of making up your mind to change your life by transforming yourself from a wimpy person to a muscular and fit person, and then the struggle of getting the right guidance in a world where marketing a brand has become so easy that people have forgotten the difference between telling the real merits to attract customers and making up fake merits just for the purpose of marketing is a task.

We understand this struggle, and that is why in this blog we are telling you how your transformation could be quick and smooth and how you can see real changes in your body.


How does one control hunger pangs and gain the right amount of mass?

The answer to this question is through Mass Gainer.

What are mass gainers?

In simple terms, mass gainers are basically supplements that help you pack on mass in the body. This packing of pounds into the body is done very carefully and in a strategic way so that the body is not gaining fat but instead gaining mass.

The important point to note here is that mass gainers are not the same as weight gainers.

Both are totally different kinds of supplements.

How to choose between Weight Gainer and Mass Gainer?

The nutritional requirement of the body depends upon the lifestyle that person has been following, his age, his body type and lastly, his fitness goals. 

Step 1: Know your body type

To know the right supplement for your body, firstly you should be aware of your body type. Weight gainer & Mass gainer supplements will only work when you take them according to your needs, that is the need of your body. Body type determines the duration in which your body will be transformed into the way you want it to be.

Broadly, there are 3 body types, namely - 

1. Endomorph

These people have broad builds and wider bodies. All the muscles and fat are stored in the lower part of their body. They have more muscles but it is all fat. They have a slow metabolism and they find it difficult to stay lean.

These people are generally put on a stricter diet plan than the others. People with this body type should focus on intaking more protein than carbs. Simple carbs should be strictly avoided by them. 

2. Mesomorph

This body type lies somewhere in the middle of endomorph and ectomorph body types. They have well defined muscles and are naturally athletic. They can be either lean or muscular. They find it easy to build muscles and lose fat. 

For this body type, equal amounts of proteins and fats should be included in their diets with moderate amounts of carbs. Complex carbs should also be consumed to keep the general health in check.

3. Ectomorph

The people with this body type are long and lean. They have a delicate frame. Their bodies are very similar to marathon runners. They have a fast metabolism and find it difficult to build muscle and fat.

The ectomorph bodies can deal with a lot of carbs and fat. But that doesn’t mean that you should eat all the junk. You should focus on eating complex carbs to make you feel fuller for longer and allow the protein to move to your muscles. 

You can even be a combination of two different body types, sharing the characteristics of multiple body types. In that case, the diets may vary with the characteristics more dominant. 

Step 2. Which supplement should you opt for?

The two types of supplements are -

  1. Weight gainer 
  2. Mass gainer

Both of these differ in their basic composition and are specifically made for different body needs according to the body types. 

Weight gainers - what are they?

Weight gainers are supplements that are consumed orally. They basically help a person gain weight. They are packed with carbs which help in gaining weight and fat. Weight gainers are composed of simple carbs, moderate fats and little to no protein along with some minerals and vitamins. One serving of weight gainers provides around 650 -1000 kcal, subject to variation according to the brand.

Who should consume weight gainers?

Since the main purpose of weight gainers, as their name suggests, is to make a person gain weight, they are highly useful for people with Ectomorphic body types. During the bulk gaining phase of ectomorphs, weight gainers come in handy. People whose metabolism rate is high, and are unable to gain weight, despite a healthy and nutritious diet, can also have weight gainers. 

Mass gainers - what are they?

Mass gainers are also oral supplements but they focus on making a person gain muscle. Their content is totally opposite to that of weight gainers. They have high quantities of protein, moderate carbs and are low in fat content. They help in gaining muscle as they are rich in protein.  One serving of mass gainers provides around 400 -1000 kcal, subject to variation according to the brand.

Who should consume Mass gainers?

Mass gainers are appropriate for anybody who struggles to build a muscular body. It can also be useful for very lean and thin people who want to achieve their fitness goals. Most importantly, mass gainers are helpful to  Ectomorphs and Mesomorphs. During the bulking phase, it acts as the best supplement for both of these body types.  

Key differences between weight gainer and mass gainer

Gainers are very popular in the fitness community. Many people get confused between these two. But the two of them differ in their basic composition. 





Gain weight

Gain muscle


Hard gainers/ ectomorphs

Body builders/ ectomorphs and mesomorphs


Increasing weight and fat

Increasing muscle


Little to nil









650-1000 kcal

400-1000 kcal

The Benefits of a Mass Gainer

The functions of mass gainers can be well understood by their benefits. Have a look at the benefits that the best mass gainer supplement offers.

1. Mass Gainer contains a lot of carbohydrates.

Your body begins to break down the carbohydrates after a hard workout and uses them as the primary energy source. Now is the time to include more carbohydrates in your diet on a daily basis. The majority of bulk gainer supplements contain a lot of carbohydrates, which give the body the energy it needs.

2. Mass gainers provide a lot of fibre.

Another essential component your body requires when trying to gain muscle is fibre. The fibre aids in digestion and helps the body get rid of harmful waste. As a result, the body is better able to absorb the nutrients from the food you typically eat. Fibre content is typically high in mass gainers.

3. Mass Gainer offers the required number of calories.

Certain individuals among us fit the description of hard gainers. Your body won't put on weight no matter how many calories you consume. A mass gainer might now become your new best buddy if you are a hard gainer who wants to gain muscular mass. The body will receive the needed number of calories from these supplements. 1200 calories per serving are typically provided by an excellent muscle gainer supplement in a single shake.

4. Mass Gainer promotes muscle growth and recovery.

You must combine regular exercise with a good muscle-building and recuperation process if you want to achieve a great body. Typically, a mass gainer offers minerals that improve muscle growth and recovery.

5. Mass gainers contain vitamins and minerals that are essential. 

Most mass gainers include certain necessary vitamins and minerals. These are a few crucial food sources that maintain the health and fitness of your body.

6. Gainers are a fantastic source of healthy fat.

 Mass gainer powder often contains a lot of dietary fat. When trying to put on muscle mass, dietary fats are the healthy fats that keep you from gaining weight. Make sure your muscle gainer supplement has as little saturated fat as feasible and as many unsaturated fats as possible.

Product Recommendation

A person should keep all the parameters in mind before choosing a supplement for them. Supplements play a big role for a person looking forward to having the body of their dreams. Gainers make the path to your fitness goal easy, but only when taken according to the needs of the body can they help you.

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