Shikhar "Arjuna" Dhawan

Shikhar Dhawan Fitness Secret

What does it take to be a legend? Is it inborn or does it take time, patience, and practise? 

"Legends are not born, they are made." 

Isn’t this quote true to each word?

The pressure to face a new ball, its high and unpredictable bounce and swing, and the pressure to set the pace for the team is definitely a matter of hard work and patience.

The legend that we are going to talk about today must have hit trillions of balls and broken multiple bats to daunt that blue jersey number 42

India’s attacking opening batter, Shikhar Dhawan, has multiple accolades to his name. People have known him by Gabbar—a name that he won because of his witty nature on the field to cheer up his teammates during a match. And doesn’t he justify that name? Even the most experienced ballers are afraid of him when he steps onto the field in his gear and begins batting for Team India.

His unmatchable skills and unbeatable talent have taken everybody by surprise. So much so that India relies on him and predictions for the win or loss of a match depend on Shikhar. No wonder he has become an idol for many aspiring cricketers. Not to mention the fitness levels that he has always maintained that have led him to bag so much achievement, trophies and the second highest sporting honour in India. 

And not just this, 

  1. In the 2015 ICC World Cup, he was India's leading run scorer.
  2. He has been the only player to get two consecutive Golden Bats at the ICC Champions Trophy.
  3. In 2013 and 2017, he scored the most runs in the ICC Champions Trophy.

He has also been the fastest batsman, marking his name in the history books in golden words. 

  1. He has been the fastest batsman to reach 1000 runs in the ICC Tournament.
  2. He is the fastest Indian batsman to reach 1000 (fastest joint), 2000, and 3000 ODI runs.
  3. He has in his name the achievement of being the first Indian batsman to score a century before lunch on the first day of a test match.

Every person has layers to their personality, and Shikhar Dhawan is a man of many layers. He is an accomplished batsman, a movie buff (he cheers up his team members by passing comments with reference to Bollywood films), a man full of wit and humour, he has multiple talents like playing the flute, and he is a fitness freak. 

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