Maintaining an active lifestyle during lockdown or home isolation

Maintaining an active lifestyle during lockdown or home isolation

With the COVID pandemic around and the difficulty in moving out of our homes, our bodies are actually moving towards becoming lazy and the activeness is reducing day by day. The risk involved in going to a gym or an outdoor workout area is high and definitely this can become challenging in the time to come as well. Because of all the difficulty around us and the diminishing nutrition intake that we have, it’s imperative that we focus on maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle lest our upcoming generations would start facing genetic defects which might be extremely challenging for us to control.

But how can you maintain a healthy and active lifestyle amidst such a crisis? Here are quick and simple things you should take care of

Eating Healthy & Balancing your Nutrition

A healthy diet and eating habit definitely takes you a long way. This is no secret and millions of doctors, dieticians, and health professionals are advocates of how important it is for any of us to eat healthy and maintain a balanced nutrition.

A lot of Indian bodybuilders, for instance, rely on nutritional supplements and sports nutrition products to ensure their intake of proper nutrients as well as the right amount of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, as well as dietary fibers are well maintained.
While there are many naturally occurring sources of protein in the environment, sometimes taking a trusted nutritional supplement can take you a long way. Depending on your lifestyle, you can choose your nutritional products. There are a lot of Indian nutritional supplement brands which provide various kinds of supplements to suit your needs. Scitron’s Advance Whey is a great entry level nutrition supplement which is full of good things. The taste of Milk Chocolate is delicious and is loved by a lot of consumers across the country.

Small and effective workouts

Working out alone at home can be difficult and boring, especially if you have had the habit of going to a gym regularly. However, staying active is essential as that is the only key to a healthier body. Even if you are consuming the best nutritional supplements by Indian supplement brands or are eating healthy, you have to shed those extra calories to ensure you are not adding up on your fat content.
Depending on your immediate body goal, you can choose to do a cardio or a weight training or a quick warm up workout. Keeping it consistent is the key and ensuring you are constantly working on your workout is also important. We once talked about why protein is now most essential than ever and you would surely agree that there is a dire need to also choose your right post workout nutrition supplement to ensure you recover better after these small and effective workouts.

Rest Well

A good diet or a good workout cannot be effective in any circumstances if you do not rest well. An extremely crucial step in your daily habit should be to relax and circle back to a calmer and slow paced segment of your life. Rest can be in different forms 

  • A good sleep
  • A relaxing meditation round
  • An outdoor stroll
  • An enjoyable movie night
  • Spending some time with your loved ones

No matter what form of rest you choose, if you are consuming one of our pre-workout nutritional supplements or are working hard for that good body shape or are just trying to maintain a healthier and a more active lifestyle, rest should be an important part of your daily regimen.

    Work on your mental health

    The pandemic can be intimidating. Thousands of people have lost their calm during the uncertainty and challenges around them. Isolation as well as social distancing can render a lot of mental health challenges. In such a scenario, it is important for us to stay healthy and work on our mental health very regularly.
    While we understand that mental well being can be maintained with the right kind of rest, recreation as well as those much needed breaks from your stressful life, sometimes, not having enough work to do can lead to anxiety and depression.
    Staying calm and concentrating on the good things is imperative in such times. You can always plan for the future and invest your time in doing productive things. Learning a new hobby or working on that plan you always wanted to, trying a new set of dishes in the kitchen, experimenting with your body, setting a goal for yourself – there are multiple ways you can utilise your extra time. 

    In a nutshell, the isolation period and lockdown around us can get overwhelming. Staying on the track and ensuring you are not wasting much of your time can take you a long way. Try maintaining a daily schedule and don’t forget to include a regular routine of exercises in your daily regimen. Add it up with the best nutritional supplements such as our Vitamins which will also help you boost your immunity and fight against any odds.