Volcano Pre-Workout Supplement For Boosting Performance

Workout supplements, in general, have usually had a bad reputation due to many brands adding unhealthy preservatives to their products. In the last couple of years, clean workout supplements have begun to flood the market that are beneficial and aid your workout routine. These may be whey protein supplements, plant-protein supplements or pre-workout supplements, among others.

There are multiple reasons to begin consuming a pre-workout supplement, however, it is crucial NOT to pick up the first product you come across. Numerous aspects should be considered before purchasing a pre-workout supplement that effectively boosts performance. One of the best pre-workout supplements is Scitron’s Volcano Pre-Workout for reasons outlined in this blog.


Pre-workout supplements on the shelves today are arguably some of the best. The rationale behind this rapid and spectacular rise in the popularity of pre-workout supplements is that apart from boosting energy and getting you fired up for your workouts, it also provides additional benefits such as improved endurance and muscle strength. Scroll through this guide to understand the nuances of a pre-workout supplement.


The primary benefit of consuming a pre-workout supplement is undoubtedly boosting performance at the gym. Nevertheless, this is an energy-producing supplement, it does not produce results on its own. A pre-workout supplement essentially enhances energy and endurance, thereby increasing the time you work out, ultimately leading to swiftly achieving fitness goals.

The major risks associated with a pre-workout supplement usually are related to the ingredients. High caffeine content and the addition of allergenic ingredients could cause unpleasant effects. For people with pre-existing medical conditions, it is advisable to consult your doctor before consuming a pre-workout supplement, or any other supplement.


To achieve a better level of performance and achieve your fitness goals, it is vital to get the right supplement. This section has four tips to help you get the perfect pre-workout supplement and make it your ultimate workout companion.

Read the ingredients:

When shopping for a pre-workout supplement, or any type of supplement, start by going through the ingredients list on the product label. Some effective ingredients in Volcano pre-workout supplement include: Beta-Alanine (increases muscle endurance), L-Arginine (helps the body build protein) and Citrulline Malate (delays onset of fatigue)

Check caffeine content:

Caffeine is usually found in almost all supplements, including pre-workout supplements. There is no harm in taking caffeine before a workout, but the amount of caffeine being consumed is of paramount importance. Volcano pre-workout supplement contains an effective 300mg of caffeine, well below the recommended safety limits. When taking pre-workout supplements, it is important to note the caffeine content as higher consumption could lead to sleeplessness or anxiety.

Timing your pre-workout:

These supplements are meant to maximize your workout experience. To utilize a pre-workout supplement to its full potential, make sure that you consume it at the right time. As evident by the name, a pre-workout supplement should be taken before hitting the gym. Taking it too early would result in running out of steam early and taking it too late may not make you feel the supplement’s effects.

Buy safe & scientifically-backed products:

The market is swamped with pre-workout supplements but not all of them will deliver the appropriate results. If you are on the hunt for authentic products backed by science, Scitron’s Volcano pre-workout supplement is the answer. The ingredients are sourced from FDA-approved Glanbia Nutritionals and the pre-workout supplement is Eurofins certified.


Achieving the best out of a pre-workout supplement is not challenging. You have to do the due diligence while purchasing and time the consumption. Let’s focus on a couple of pointers that will help boost performance:

Right Dose:

For most people, the recommended dosage on the product label is enough. However, in cases of sensitivity to ingredients of a pre-workout supplement, you might be better off starting with a half scoop or consulting your doctor.


if you feel even slightly dehydrated, you will likely feel fatigued and worn out during your workout. Ensure that you consume sufficient water before, during and after your training routine.

A Pre-Workout Ritual:

A pre-workout supplement has multiple benefits. However, it should not be the sole component of your routine. Having a series of steps to go through before starting your training can help your mind and body get prepared for the exercise. A ritual will even give adequate time for the pre-workout supplement to kick in.

Other notable pointers include prioritizing sleep (7-8 hours daily at the very least) and finding a flavour you truly enjoy. Volcano pre-workout supplement is available in Green Apple, Cranberry and Pink Lemonade flavours.


Consumed in the proper dosage, a pre-workout supplement will kick in about 30-45 minutes. This is why it should be consumed before going to the gym to maximise its potential as soon as you start your exercise regimen. Depending on the brand you opt for, the pre-workout supplement lasts for a couple of hours, long enough to undergo an intense workout.

Mix a scoop of your preferred brand of pre-workout supplements with water to get a flavoured sports drink. The supplement can even be used as an ingredient for pre-workout smoothies. Consuming pre-workout supplements with food could prevent some of the uncomfortable side effects. It is suggested by experts that you eat a full, nutritious meal 2-3 hours before exercising. If this timeframe is not possible, then eating a small meal 30 minutes before going to the gym can provide a host of benefits. Some pre-workout snacks that are effective in place of a small meal include protein bars, bananas, and smoothies, among others.


With new products debuting almost daily, there is no shortage of options to pick from. Stick to the steps listed in this comprehensive guide on picking a suitable pre-workout supplement and you will not be disappointed! Pay close attention and observe how your body responds to pre-workout supplements and how you feel during workouts.

Scitron Volcano pre-workout supplement, one of the best pre-workout supplements, gives a natural, caffeinated boost of energy that allows gym-goers to efficiently utilize their training time and enhance their endurance to obtain accelerated results. The right pre-workout supplement, paired with the right routine, can be a life-changing asset to your fitness routine.