Get Ripped With Calisthenics: Scitron's "Risk Hai Toh Ripped Hai" Campaign

Get Ripped With Calisthenics: Scitron's "Risk Hai Toh Ripped Hai" Campaign

"They say risk it all. All or nothing." Scitron’s latest "Risk Hai Toh Ripped Hai" campaign is all about this thought. When you risk it all, you get it all back.

In this blog, we are decoding Scitron’s "Risk Hai Toh Ripped Hai" campaign, which is highly inspirational and motivational. Continue reading to find out why you should begin your journey to becoming ripped with calisthenics.

Meet The Narrators

Karishma Kadam and Kaushal Patel narrate their deepest feelings in Scitron’s “Risk Hai Toh Ripped Hai” campaign video. Both are established calisthenic athletes who are pursuing their passions for calisthenic workouts and ripped bodies together.

Let’s get straight into the blog and see the questions that they have answered in the campaign video, which is motivating and inspiring many more athletes.

What Is The Purpose Of Getting A Ripped Lean Body With Calisthenics?

People often ask calisthenic athletes why they want to get ripped. Why do they get a feeling of achievement when they lose fat from their bodies? It should be understood here that calisthenics can range from a very easy to a very complicated set of exercises.

The struggle you have to do, the time you have to dedicate, and the hard work you put into each moment of the training, which ultimately squeezes the life out of you, is what gives you the drive to keep moving forward in the direction of getting a ripped body with calisthenic exercises.

What Does It Take To Get Ripped With Calisthenics?

It almost feels like a challenge to win against the most difficult of exercises when you have to keep practising that one move until you get it right again and again. And in this process, you start getting ripped off.

The crazy drive of falling and getting up to repeat the exercise that has probably destroyed your confidence and ego is what makes your potential unlimited. You become a crazy athlete as you begin to break the constraints of small thinking as a result of your dedication and hard work, so crazy that taking risks becomes a core feature of your personality.

Is Taking Risk So Important?

Yes, because “Risk Hai Toh Ripped Hai” and taking risk is the crazy drive that the calisthenic athletes thrive on.

Your Biggest Support In This Process?

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The Takeaway!

Calisthenics is a journey, a tough journey to be precise. With each milestone that you make you find yourself more ripped. And in getting to the destination of getting your dream health and body, your constant partner is Scitron.

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