Unleash Your Inner Athlete: A 4 Week Ripped Body Workout

Unleash Your Inner Athlete: A 4 Week Ripped Body Workout

Hey Fitness Enthusiasts! Are you ready to take your physical fitness journey to the next level and finally get the ripped body of your dreams?

Well, buckle up- it’s time to unleash your inner athlete and plan for a four week ripped body workout plan to build lean, toned muscles!

Sweat And Strength: A Powerful Workout Routine For Ripped Body

Have you ever wished for a fit, toned, and strong body? Forget about everything and let’s plan a proper workout routine!

A proper workout routine is an act of self-discipline that shows a commitment to taking control of your own physical well-being. By breaking out of the limitations of your comfort zone and pushing yourself to stay active, you will embark on a journey to a healthy lifestyle, free of sloth and guilt.

When it comes to making a ripped body, nothing is better than to come out of your comfort zone and go through a strict workout routine to get a satisfactory result!

Get Fit, Get Ripped! A Complete 4 Weeks Ripped Body Workout Plan

The four week ripped body workout plan incorporates various strength and cardio workouts that have been designed to not only help build and shape muscles but also help you develop greater stamina and a healthier lifestyle.

Whether you are a man or a woman, here we will share a detailed 4 week ripped body workout plan for you all!

Let’s take the workout challenge and just see how it’s effective to transform your body within 4 weeks!

Week 1

The first week of the program focuses on building muscle and increasing overall strength.

  • Start by doing upper body workouts to target the chest, shoulders and arms. Each day consists of chest press, lateral raises and bicep curls, plus a full body warm up and cool down
  • On top of this you should aim to get at least 30 minutes of cardio everyday like running, cycling or swimming.

Week 2

This week is all about pushing yourself and increasing the intensity of the exercises.

  • This week is the perfect time to add heavier weights, increase reps and aim to finish the workout a bit quicker. You have to keep your focus on the upper body for this week, and incorporate additional exercises like incline presses, overhead extensions and hammer curls.
  • On the cardio side, you should look to get at least 40 minutes of steady state cardio or alternatively switch to HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) sessions.

Week 3

The third week of the program is all about core strength.

  • Do the exercises that focus on developing your abs, lower back and core stability such as planks, ab rollouts and bridges. Additionally you should still be doing your upper body exercises and try to up the weight and intensity if you can.
  • In terms of cardio, try to aim for at least 45 minutes per day, whether that’s high intensity or low intensity.

Week 4

So, it’s the fourth and final week- A week of complex style workouts!

  • In the final week, you have to do both the strength and cardio exercises intensely. Along with the upper body exercises, we will be adding squats, deadlifts, lunges, and burpees. Additionally, you should focus on doing more high-intensity interval training to really get your heart pumping and push your body to the limit.
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Now all you have in your hands- from a proper Ripped Body workout routine to perfect high quality nutrition supplement!

So, don’t wait any longer. Let’s get started! Take the 4 weeks challenge and watch yourself become the very best version of you.

Ready, set and go!!